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10 Pokémon that would suit the Star Wars universe

With an endless supply of bizarre and unusual creatures, the Star wars The universe certainly has room for some of the more unusual Pokémon in the Pokédex. What makes the Star wars universe a unique fit for some of the fauna of the Pokemon the world is made up of the different types of creatures it harbors, aliens, droids, or even something in between.

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Likewise, Pokémon come in different shapes and sizes and fit into the Star wars the universe in different ways. Some are easier to imagine on the Death Star bridge than fighting alongside the Jedi, and some just seem to be making their way through the galaxy.



Stoutland from the Pokémon series

The world of Star Wars is full of old sages, wise and slightly eccentric, and Stoutland would fit in very well in that role. With his wild mane and long flowing mustache, Stoutland also matches the hairiest characters of Star Wars like Chewbacca or Obi-Wan in Attack of the Clones.

Stoutland is a Pokémon known for its wisdom, as well as its habit of saving people stranded by blizzards. As such, it’s easy to imagine him in the role of mentor that Yoda, Obi-Wan, and even Luke take on in their own way in The Last Jedi, teaching important lessons to inexperienced Rey. Gentle and non-combative, Stoutland is as peaceful as an old Jedi should be.


Leon's Beheeyem Prepares To Attack In Pokemon Anime

With his elongated head shape, green eyes with black pupils, odd curves and accents, and colored lights rather than his fingers, it would be hard to tell at first glance whether Beheeyem fell into the category of aliens or robots. Granted, Beheeyem is a Pokémon with the proper strangeness to feature in the Star wars Universe.

The psychic-type Pokémon uses the lights on its hands to communicate, which is no different than the combination of lights, beeps, and whistles that R2D2 uses in the movies. Beheeyem looks like a creature one might find in the far corners of the galaxy, perhaps lying in a Jawan Sandcrawler or serving drinks at Jabba’s Palace.


Abra’s final form, Alakazam has an intimidating appearance with sharp claws for the hands and feet, an aggressive muzzle, and large horns. While that alone would make it an interesting addition to the alien species in Star wars, it is the creature’s abilities that make it most suited to a galaxy far distant.

Alakazam’s psychic powers could easily rival the abilities of some force users, being one of the more powerful Pokémon of the psychic type. The Pokemon even moves while manipulating its body with telekinesis. Alakazam sometimes closes his eyes during battle to heighten his other senses, as do Jedi meditation techniques. Alakazam’s power and mysterious nature would make it an interesting addition to the Star wars universe. It is even said that he wanted the spoons he carries in each hand to exist, a kind of power that has not really been explored in Star wars.



The world of Star wars contains a variety of masked figures, both from the side of good and evil. Yamask has a unique look, not even wearing a mask over what would normally be considered its head, but with its frightening, non-humanoid form, the Ghost-type Pokémon wouldn’t look out of place among the bounty hunters of Star wars.

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Perhaps even more fitting, Yamask evolves into Cofagrigus, a powerful four-armed Pokémon with a sparkling gold body. Yamask wouldn’t be the only one in the Star wars the universe to multiply its members and intensify its power when the situation demands it.


Pokémon - Palossande

The Star wars The universe is known to hide powerful things in small and improbable packages, which makes Palossand the perfect fit. Palossand looks relatively innocent, at least from a distance, where he looks like an ordinary sandcastle with a large door for a mouth. The Double-Type Ghost / Ground Pokemon would have no problem blending in with the desert environment of planets like Tatooine and Pasaana.

However, Palossand is not something a wanderer would want to encounter in the galaxy, as the creature uses its disguise to curse people it encounters and suck their vitality. It’s easy to imagine the creature representing yet another danger to the rebel forces lost in the wild.


A powerful Legendary Pokémon with some of the best Pokémon lore, Zekrom is a tall and imposing dragon-like creature. Zekrom has a dark color scheme, armored outer body, and red eyes with white irises and black pupils. This intimidating character would be a great fit for the dark side of the force, whether as a leader or a powerful executioner.

Zekrom is also a dual-type, with electricity as a secondary, and as a result, the Pokémon can produce powerful lightning bolts to match the force of lightning that Palpatine and other members of the Sith employ. Zekrom helps those who wish to create an ideal world, so maybe this would be a better match for the righteousness of the Jedi Order. Either way, the Dragon Pokémon would be a terrifying foe to those on the opposite side.


Ursaring from the Pokemon TV show

Star wars may already have its fair share of large, bear-like creatures that roam on two legs, but that’s all the more why Ursaring would fit in so well. In a world where Chewbacca is one of the rebellion’s greatest allies, it’s easy to imagine the larger, squatting creature with a large ring pattern covering its chest giving it all in the fight against the Trade Federation, the Empire or the First Order.

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Ursaring is aided in any fight by his powerful physique and huge claws, and his climbing abilities and a thick fur coat would get him through some of the harshest environments. Ursaring also possesses a keen sense of smell which would aid in skirmishes where knowing the enemy’s whereabouts before they arrive could be crucial.


Ash's Pikachu

As BB8 and Ewoks demonstrated, the world of Star wars isn’t afraid to use kindness to hide potentially powerful allies. As the cutest Pokemon of all time, Pikachu is the perfect candidate to take on this kind of role in the Star wars universe. Pikachu is also a Pokémon known to be particularly loyal and empathetic once a bond has been made, meaning it would always be ready to support its friends.

Pikachu is also perfectly suited for this due to the powerful punch of the small electric Pokémon packs. Once in a corner, Pikachu wouldn’t be afraid to apply a quick iron tail and shock anyone who underestimated him.


Necrozma attacking in the Pokemon anime

A member of the legendary Alola trio, Necrozma has a striking appearance full of spikes and sharp angles. The Psychic Pokémon appears fully armored and has two giant claws that, even on their own, would be enough to make it a powerful figure in the Star wars universe. However, rather than its claws, this Pokémon’s main threat comes from the powerful lasers it discharges.

Necrozma collects the light for use as a source of energy and slumbers underground, like the Sarlacc, ready to rise to the surface and create plenty of trouble for anyone above it at the time. It’s not a Pokemon that everyone would want to meet, but for the same reason, it could give rise to some exciting storylines in the Star wars world.


Tentacruel, from Pokémon Season 1

Tentacruel is one of the more alien Pokémon, with bulbous red orbs on its head, sunken eyes, and a long snout. The Pokémon also has tentacles that it uses to immobilize and constrict its prey, surrounding them with a poisoned net. Tentacruel would be perfect for Star wars universe which already has some interesting and dangerous aquatic species.

Occupying the ocean of aquatic planets in Star wars, Tentacruel would be feared by the Jedi and the Sith. The creature can also trigger ultrasonic waves to weaken its prey, which is signaled by the red orbs on its head lighting up. Among some of the other creepy and terrifying aliens in the Star wars universe, Tentacruel would be a perfect complement.

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