3 best Invesco mutual funds that deserve your attention

With over $ 1.51 trillion in assets under management (as of May 31, 2021), Invesco Ltd. offers financial solutions through a diversified set of investment vehicles in the main categories of equities, fixed income securities and alternative assets.

This leading global investment management firm deals with a wide range of mutual funds, including equity and fixed income funds, as well as national and international funds. The company has more than 8,000 employees and provides financial services worldwide through offices in 25 countries.

Below, we share with you three of the top-ranked Invesco mutual funds. Each has achieved the # 1 ranking of the Zacks mutual fund (strong buy) and is expected to outperform their peers in the future. Investors can click here to see the full list of funds, their Zacks rankings and past performance.

Invesco Core Plus Bond Fund Class A ACPSX aims for a total return that encompasses current income and capital appreciation. The fund invests the majority of its net assets in fixed income securities and in derivatives and other instruments. However, investment grade fixed income securities generally represented by the Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index are given priority. ACPSX has returned 5.9% over the past three years.

At the end of March 2021, ACPSX held 1,041 issues, with 4.29% of its assets invested in the Federal National Mortgage Association 2%.

Invesco Corporate Bond Fund, Class A ACCBX primarily targets current income with capital preservation, while capital appreciation is secondary. The fund invests the majority of its net assets in corporate bonds, as well as in derivatives and other instruments. The fund manager may also invest 65% to 100% of the net assets in investment grade securities and securities issued or guaranteed by the US government. ACCBX has three-year annualized returns of 7.9%.

Charles E. Burge has been one of ACCBX’s fund managers since 2010.

Invesco Discovery Fund Class A OPOCX aims for capital growth. The fund invests the majority of its assets in common stocks of US companies which its managers believe have good growth potential. He mainly focuses on stocks of small cap companies. OPOCX has three-year annualized returns of 23.3%.

OPOCX has an expense ratio of 1.06% compared to the category average of 1.21%.

To view the Zacks Rankings and past performance of all Invesco mutual funds, investors can click here to view the full fund list.

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