App makers approach government to “clarify” their position

NEW DELHI: a day after the government ordered the ‘blockade’ of 59 Chinese applications, some of them, like TikTok and Club Factory, decided to approach the Center in order to clarify their position, while maintaining that they were in compliance with Indian regulations.
The statements came as Apple and Google had not yet received official communication to remove the 59 Chinese applications from their platforms. Therefore, some applications such as CamScanner could be downloaded to devices even Tuesday – 24 hours after the Department of Electronics and Informatics announced the government’s decision to ‘block’ apps because they appeared to access devices and share data without permission .
Apple has received an order under Section 69A of the Computer Law to remove the popular Chinese video-sharing app TIC Tac from its App Store, industry sources told TOI. Orders to remove the remaining 58 apps, including UC Browser, Club Factory and Shein, had yet to be received until Tuesday evening.
Google, which operates the ubiquitous Android store, has so far been officially ordered to remove around 20 apps, industry sources said. “We don’t fulfill orders on the basis of simple press releases. We need clearly defined guidelines based on the existing rules governing the content and ecosystem of applications. Several applications can be downloaded from google play Store late Tuesday evening. Official sources said the IT ministry asked the telecommunications department to order ISPs and telecom operators to remove apps, while also blocking content from those already downloaded.
The industry source said removing an app “at random, without any government orders” will make the company liable for legal action.
Separately, entities representing TikTok and Club Factory have said they have not broken any laws. TikTok, the first to release its app from Apple and Google Play stores, said it would approach the government.
“The Indian government has issued an interim order for the blockade… and we are complying with it. We have been invited to meet with relevant government stakeholders to have an opportunity to respond and submit clarifications, ”said Nikhil Gandhi, Director of TikTok India.
To concern Chinese app makers to approach government to “clarify” their position
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