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Bali’s Lemukih steps up tree planting program in line with G20

Buleleng, Bali (ANTARA) – Residents of Lemukih Village in Sukasada, Buleleng District, Bali, have stepped up tree planting activities to save the forests, which have been traditionally and socially driven and inspired by Hindu teachings.

The tree-planting activities are also in line with one of Indonesia’s G20 priority issues, green energy transition, officials said.

“The forest rescue program involved indigenous villages with their customary rules as well as village enterprises with the aim of socially utilizing the forests,” Lemukih village chief Nyoman Linggih said on Saturday.

The tree cover of Lemukih village has reached about 988 hectares, and this area has already been classified as a forest area with a dense variety of plants, he said.

So far, the village has collaborated with the Forest Management Unit (KPH) and the forestry officer, who have continued to encourage education and forest plantation programs by regularly involving the participation of local communities, he said. -he declares.

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Moreover, tree planting is part of the daily activities of the local people as it is in line with the teachings of Tri Hita Karana, he added.

The Tri Hita Karana are the basic principles of Balinese Hindu society that prescribe the maintenance of a harmonious relationship between humans and God, humans and humans, and humans and the environment, he said.

“The tree planting program is an implementation of these three elements to maintain a harmonious relationship between humans and their environment,” he added.

Furthermore, Linggih also revealed that the existence of indigenous villages in the region is supported by customary rules, or perarem.

Indigenous villages are now formulating perarem related to saving forests, such as banning people from hunting and cutting down trees, he added.

“The existence of native villages is vital. Until now, we have always worked together in an effort to protect the native forests which are the heritage of the ancestors,” Linggih remarked.

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