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Belt & Road Weekly Investor Intelligence # 61


We examine the profound differences between China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the US ‘Building a Better World’ initiative, examine how non-RCEP states can still access the larger free zone. exchange, let’s take a look at the latest easing in the areas of foreign investment allowed in China. , take a tour along the regional changes that will be brought about by the new Islamabad-Istanbul railway, and take stock of Russian-Egyptian relations and give a global overview of the latest news from Belt & Road.

China’s outward investment in ASEAN versus US investment in Mexico and Central America

Demonstrate China’s willingness to expand bilateral trade through the BRI against the United States’ desire to reduce migration and boost exports. BW3 is a very different animal from the Belt and Road initiative.

How non-member countries can access the January 1 RCEP free trade agreement through the back door

Britain, Russia and the United States can all reap the benefits of RCEP through other agreements they already have in place.

China’s Negative List for Foreign Investment Access to Free Zones (new edition): English version

The latest edition of the negative list for foreign investment in Chinese free zones has been released. The new list reduces the number of items restricted or prohibited for foreign investors from 30 to just 27, expanding access to more industries and fields.

Russia and Egypt explore closer trade and economic ties

Egypt aspires to deepen bilateral cooperation with Russia at all levels. This is a continuation of vital projects implemented in Egypt through cooperation between the two countries, including the El-Dabaa nuclear power plant and the Russian industrial zone near the Suez Canal.

Pakistan-Iran-Turkey rail freight line reopens after 10 years

The Islamabad-Istanbul rail service is resuming and will boost trade between the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and throughout Central Asa.

The Belt, the Road to China and beyond

All the latest international headlines on the Belt & Road Initiative’s global activities.

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