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British Columbia app shows proof of COVID-19 vaccination

VICTORIA (NEWS 1130) – The federal government is working on the details to introduce a national passport system to help Canadians wanting to travel again, however, there is already a system like this available in British Columbia – it’s quite simply few people know it.

This national document will indicate where, when and what brand of vaccine you received. In Canada, these vaccines will be Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca.

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It’s free and it’s called the BC Services Card application.

You apply through the app and once you’re signed up, your medical history is basically on your phone, including what you’ve been vaccinated for, like COVID.

It also contains everything the federal government puts on the national document, which is where, when, and what type of COVID vaccine you received.

The British Columbia Ministry of Health says only about 745,000 had the app as of August 6.

Federal Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino said Canada has the best vaccination rates in the G-20 and people are desperate to travel again. So they will need the proof. “We are actively working with provinces and territories on secure pan-Canadian proof of vaccination for international travel. These credentials will have a common design in all provinces.

Passports will be available to all Canadian citizens, permanent residents and temporary residents living in Canada “if they are fully vaccinated, according to the standard set by Public Health.”

Quebec will introduce a provincial passport next month that will be required for anyone wishing to attend public events, go to the gym or eat out.

Manitoba already has a vaccination program in place, and the BC government has repeatedly said that all options are on the table here, including a vaccination passport system.