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October 10, 2021 8:42 AM STI

By Amit Kumar
New Delhi [India], October 10 (ANI): Rajya Sabha Harivansh’s vice-president met on Saturday Konstantin Kosachev, vice-president of the Council of the Federation, Russia, on the sidelines of the G20 presidents’ summit in Rome, during which they discussed in detail of important issues and common interests.

Konstantin Kosachev, Russian Vice President of the Council of the Russian Federation in Rome, impressed with the strengthening of ties with India and invited Harivansh to visit Russia for Upper House and House interaction high for better parliamentary coordination, “an official at the secretariat of Rajya Sabha told ANI. .
At the Seventh G20 Speakers’ Summit in Rome, various issues were discussed including the response to the social and employment crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, restarting economic growth in terms of sustainability social and economic environment and ‘sustainability and food security after the covid pandemic19’.
The Speakers’ Summit was held October 7-8 in Rome, Italy. Lok Sabha Om Birla President and Vice President Rajya Sabha Harivansh attended the summit from the Indian side. (ANI)

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Corporate minimum tax agreement reached by the United States and 135 other countries http://riotjs.com/corporate-minimum-tax-agreement-reached-by-the-united-states-and-135-other-countries/ Fri, 08 Oct 2021 19:46:31 +0000 http://riotjs.com/corporate-minimum-tax-agreement-reached-by-the-united-states-and-135-other-countries/

FRANKFURT, Germany – More than 130 countries have agreed to sweeping changes in the way large multinational companies are taxed to dissuade them from avoiding taxes by shifting their profits to countries with lower rates.

Under the deal announced on Friday, countries would adopt a minimum global corporate tax of 15% on the largest companies, raising around $ 150 billion for government coffers when implemented.

US President Joe Biden has been a driving force behind the deal as governments around the world seek to boost revenues in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Today’s agreement represents a unique achievement for economic diplomacy,” US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in a statement. She said it would end a “race to the bottom” in which countries outbid with lower tax rates.

“Rather than competing on our ability to deliver low corporate rates,” she said, “America will now be competing on the skills of our workers and our ability to innovate, which is a race. that we can win. “

The agreement between 136 countries was announced by the Paris-based Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, which hosted the talks that resulted in it.

The agreement faces several hurdles before it can enter into force. U.S. approval of the related tax legislation proposed by Biden will be critical, especially as the United States is home to many of the largest multinational corporations. A rejection by Congress would cast uncertainty over the entire project.

The agreement is an attempt to address the ways in which globalization and digitization have changed the global economy. Along with the minimum tax, it would allow countries to tax a portion of the income of businesses whose activities, such as online retailing or web advertising, do not involve a physical presence.

Big US tech companies like Google and Amazon have backed the OECD negotiations. One reason is that countries would agree to withdraw individual taxes on digital services that they have imposed on them in exchange for the right to tax part of their income under the global regime.

This means that companies would only deal with one international tax regime, not a multitude of different regimes in different countries.

“This agreement paves the way for a real tax revolution for the 21st century,” said French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire. “Finally, the digital giants will pay their fair share of taxes in the countries – including France – where they produce.”

Ireland on Thursday announced it would join the deal, abandoning a low-tax policy that has led companies like Google and Facebook to locate their European operations there.

Although the Irish deal was a step forward for the deal, developing countries raised objections and Nigeria, Kenya, Pakistan and Sri Lanka said they would not sign.

Poverty alleviation and tax fairness advocates have said most of the new income will go to richer countries and offer less to developing countries that rely more on corporate taxes. The G-24 group of developing countries said without a larger share of revenue from reallocated profits, the deal would be “sub-optimal” and “not sustainable even in the short term.”

The deal will be taken up by the Group of 20 finance ministers next week, and then by G-20 leaders for final approval at a summit in Rome in late October.

Countries would sign a diplomatic agreement to implement the tax on businesses that do not have a physical presence in a country but make a profit there, for example through digital services. This provision would affect around 100 companies worldwide.

The second part of the agreement, the overall minimum of at least 15%, would apply to companies of more than 750 billion euros (864 billion dollars) and would be transposed into domestic law by the countries according to model rules developed at the OECD. A complementary provision would mean that the tax avoided abroad would have to be paid in the country. As long as at least the major headquarters countries apply the minimum tax, the deal will have most of the desired effect.

By DAVID McHUGH and DANICA KIRKA, Associated Press. Kirka reported from London.

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Om Birla arrives at Italian Senate for G-20 Speakers of Parliament Summit | India News http://riotjs.com/om-birla-arrives-at-italian-senate-for-g-20-speakers-of-parliament-summit-india-news/ Thu, 07 Oct 2021 10:42:00 +0000 http://riotjs.com/om-birla-arrives-at-italian-senate-for-g-20-speakers-of-parliament-summit-india-news/ ROME: Lok Sabha President Om Birla arrived at Palazzo Madama, Italy’s senate, on Thursday for the inaugural session of the seventh G-20 Speakers’ Summit.
Birla said he hopes to have fruitful and constructive discussions on issues of global importance during the summit.
“Arrived at Palazzo Madama, Senate of the Italian Republic for the inaugural session of the 7th Summit of G20 Speakers of Parliament # P20. I hope to have fruitful and constructive discussions on issues of global importance,” Birla tweeted.

An eight-member Indian parliamentary delegation, including Lok Sabha chairman Om Birla, Rajya Sabha deputy chairman Harivansh, and secretaries general from both houses of parliament, are expected to attend the summit.
Previous sources in Parliament have told ANI that the summit is expected to discuss various issues, including the response to the social and employment crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Duarte Pacheco, President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), will address the Summit during the opening session and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi will be the keynote speaker.
“The Seventh G-20 Speakers’ Summit will also discuss restarting economic growth in terms of environmental, social and economic sustainability and ‘sustainability and food security after the Covid-19 pandemic’,” sources added.

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White House has no prediction on possible Biden-Putin meeting at G20: Jen Psaki http://riotjs.com/white-house-has-no-prediction-on-possible-biden-putin-meeting-at-g20-jen-psaki/ Thu, 07 Oct 2021 00:07:00 +0000 http://riotjs.com/white-house-has-no-prediction-on-possible-biden-putin-meeting-at-g20-jen-psaki/

07 Oct 2021 05:37 STI

Washington [US]Oct. 7 (ANI / Sputnik): White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said there were currently no predictions about a possible meeting between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin during of the next G20 summit.
“I have no predictions for you on bilateral meetings. This is something that we are still working on at this stage, every day,” Psaki said at a press conference on Wednesday (local time).
Psaki said the Biden administration did not expect it to be a “light switch” in light of the previous meeting between the two leaders.
“We have remaining concerns, but this was an opportunity to voice them at a high level, to see what work can be done in the long term to address them,” Psaki said. “I’m not sure if we’re going to do a month-to-month assessment. It’s something that we’ve continued conversations with members of the National Security Team about many of the issues we’ve raised. These are in progress. We continue to move forward towards making progress. “
The historic Geneva summit on June 16 marked the first meeting between Putin and Biden, and both presidents deemed it productive. They agreed to launch consultations on strategic stability and adopted a joint declaration reaffirming the commitment to the 1985 formula of Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan that nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.
Jen Psaki also said that the Biden administration is currently working to finalize the details of the bilateral meeting between the US president and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron.

“Right now what we are focusing on is moving forward,” Psaki said during a press briefing. “As you know… they will be meeting next month. We are working to finalize the details of this.”
Biden and Macron have agreed to meet in person next month to continue to resolve tensions between the two nations, a joint statement released after a phone call in late September said.
A US delegation led by Secretary of State Antony Blinken is visiting Paris this week to discuss confidence-building measures following the recent Australia-UK-US Submarine Agreement (AUKUS) which has caused significant tension in relations with France.
Macron and Blinken met in Paris for the first time on Tuesday following the crisis in bilateral relations in light of Australia’s withdrawal from the $ 66 billion submarine deal with France over its joining the AUKUS partnership in mid-September and the decision to procure American nuclear submarines.
French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called the decision a stab in the back and said trust between the allies was seriously shaken. (ANI / Sputnik)

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EU officials aim for breakthrough for global 15% tax deal http://riotjs.com/eu-officials-aim-for-breakthrough-for-global-15-tax-deal/ Wed, 06 Oct 2021 07:48:48 +0000 http://riotjs.com/eu-officials-aim-for-breakthrough-for-global-15-tax-deal/

PARIS – A global corporate tax deal is expected to be concluded before the end of the month, senior EU officials told CNBC on Wednesday.

Global governments have been embroiled in difficult negotiations to get a handful of nations to comply with an international corporate tax agreement. The G-7 and G-20 countries backed a deal earlier this summer that, if implemented, would force multinationals to pay taxes where they operate – not just where they operate. their head office – and would impose a minimum tax rate of 15%.

Some countries, including Hungary and Ireland, where corporate tax is below 15%, had expressed doubts about the deal. However, discussions led by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development appear to be bearing fruit.

Bruno Le Maire, France’s finance minister, told CNBC on Wednesday that “we are one millimeter away from a global agreement on a new international tax system for the 21st century”.

“I am fully determined to pave the way for consensus,” he said in Paris.

“The key point is that an agreement be adopted, by the end of this month at the latest, on the new international tax system.” He later added: “We could either next week at the Washington meetings or at the G-20 meeting in Rome at the end of October, sign the final deal under the international tax system.”

Also speaking in Paris on Wednesday, Valdis Dombrovskis, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for trade, said: “We hope that the OECD agreement can be finalized in October. We are also working with EU member states to make sure everyone agrees on the tax treaty. “

“And we are also ready on our side to present legislative proposals to ensure the uniform implementation of this agreement across the EU.”

Luxembourg Finance Minister Pierre Gramegna also told CNBC on Tuesday: “We are very close to [a] compromise, in a few days, which will involve all countries. “

Ireland has signaled in the past 48 hours that recent changes to the deal are welcome. Leo Varadkar, the country’s deputy prime minister, said the new text “addresses many, if not all of the concerns” of his country, the Financial Times reported.

Meanwhile, Irish Environment Minister Eamon Ryan said he was hopeful and confident that Ireland would be part of the solution in this context. Paschal Donohoe, the country’s finance minister, told Luxembourg he would discuss the revised tax deal at a cabinet meeting on Thursday and express his opinion afterwards.

Despite comments from Ireland, Estonia and Hungary are among the group of countries that have yet to approve the deal.

Speaking to CNBC on Wednesday, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said his country’s corporate tax rate of 9% is a “huge advantage” and tax competition is not harmful.

He also said 15% is “high”, but understands that there is “no room” for the movement of key negotiators. Therefore, Hungary has proposed an implementation period of 10 years and hopes that this will be accepted by its counterparts.

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Macron hopes to “re-engage” with the United States at the G20 | Whyalla news http://riotjs.com/macron-hopes-to-re-engage-with-the-united-states-at-the-g20-whyalla-news/ Tue, 05 Oct 2021 18:11:14 +0000 http://riotjs.com/macron-hopes-to-re-engage-with-the-united-states-at-the-g20-whyalla-news/

French President Emmanuel Macron has said he will meet his US counterpart Joe Biden in Rome at the Group of 20 summit in late October to “re-engage” and move on after a disagreement over a US military pact with Australia.

“We will catch up at the G20. I think this is the right opportunity to see how we can re-engage … Slovenia.

Australia’s decision to cancel a large submarine contract with France and instead opt for US-designed ships as part of the new AUKUS security alliance with the US and UK indignant officials in Paris.

Macron and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met earlier Tuesday in Paris to explore ways to overcome the disagreement over the deal.

Macron and Blinken explored potential US-French cooperation in the Pacific and other areas in an approximately 40-minute one-on-one session, according to a senior US State Department official.

Shortly after their engagement, the White House said in a statement that Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan would meet with his French counterpart Emmanuel Bonne in Paris later this week “as part of our ongoing consultations on shared bilateral and regional interests ”.

Associated Australian Press

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French President Macron urges G20 powers to put conditions on Taliban before recognition http://riotjs.com/french-president-macron-urges-g20-powers-to-put-conditions-on-taliban-before-recognition/ Tue, 05 Oct 2021 08:27:00 +0000 http://riotjs.com/french-president-macron-urges-g20-powers-to-put-conditions-on-taliban-before-recognition/

While the Taliban still await their legitimacy, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday he wanted the G20 economic powers to set conditions for the extremist group. Macron said G20 countries should push the Taliban to guarantee the rights of women and girls. The French president said world powers should tell the Taliban that:

“You absolutely have to give the young women of your country a future, and this is one of the things we will look at before we recognize you.”

In addition, Macron also raised other concerns, including allowing all girls to return to school in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. The French president said he would raise the same issue at the upcoming G20 summit in Rome. Other demands made by Macron include the Taliban allowing humanitarian operations to continue. In addition, he also said that the armed group should condemn and refuse to cooperate with “Islamist terrorist groups” in the region.

Besides the Western superpowers, Macron also called on other regional powers to set the same conditions before the Taliban government is officially recognized. He added that Western powers should “convince” regional powers to do the same. At a meeting on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly last month, the G20 powers discussed sending a unified message to the Taliban before granting them global legitimacy.

Afghan women protest the Taliban; demand fees

Earlier in September, Afghan women protested against the armed group and demanded rights. According to ANI, Afghan women have also brandished slogans such as “the exclusion of women is human exclusion”, “our freedom of speech is the culmination of our power” and “education, work and freedom are paths to growth, ”the press reported. ANI agency. In addition, a group of women staged a protest in Kabul on October 1 to express their displeasure at the decision of the Taliban-led government to deny women access to educational institutions.

The protesters were quoted by TOLO News as saying that the closure of schools and colleges for women’s education is a violation of their basic rights. Besides female students, teachers and lecturers also participated in the demonstration against the extremist organization in Kabul. They called the closure of schools and universities a serious concern that could profoundly change the future of girls’ learning in the war-torn country. Although the security forces arrested the demonstrators, they continued their demonstration, standing firm on their demands. According to TOLO News, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture Zabiullah Mujahid said the protesters could get an education clearance from the Justice Ministry.


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Motorola is making pure learning even more accessible: the moto tab g20 is now available for just INR 9,999 during Flipkart’s Big Billion Days Sale! http://riotjs.com/motorola-is-making-pure-learning-even-more-accessible-the-moto-tab-g20-is-now-available-for-just-inr-9999-during-flipkarts-big-billion-days-sale/ Mon, 04 Oct 2021 12:15:45 +0000 http://riotjs.com/motorola-is-making-pure-learning-even-more-accessible-the-moto-tab-g20-is-now-available-for-just-inr-9999-during-flipkarts-big-billion-days-sale/

New Delhi, Delhi, India – Business Wire India • The recently launched tab motorcycle g20 will be available during Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale at an incredible price of just INR 9,999 or INR 8,999 * with offers. • The tab g20 moto can be purchased at an effective price of just INR 8,999 * with an additional 10% off ICICI and Axis Bank cards during Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale, until October 10, 2021. class like Motorola’s signature ad-free, bloatware-free, Near-Stock Android 11, 8 inch IPS LCD display with TDDI technology, premium and durable metal design and comes with unique experience such as space for kids from Google which makes it an ideal option for students. “To make Pure Learning even more accessible, Motorola announced an exclusive price for its new moto tab g20 during Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale. Intended to make learning more fun and affordable, the moto tab g20 is now available at just INR 9,999 and can also be purchased at an effective price of just INR 8,999 * using the platform’s 10 banking offers. % reduction on ICICI and Axis bank cards, on Flipkart. Intended to make home learning more intuitive and fun, the moto tab g20 comes with the cleanest software through a pure Android experience. Users can enjoy the full power of Android 11 without ads, bloatware or unwanted apps, thus avoiding annoying interruptions. Plus, no clunky software skins mean faster, smoother performance. Discover better conversation management in messaging apps, improved control of connected devices, and a more hands-on approach to data privacy in this exciting update from Google. Designed to be everyone’s personal device, this compact and stylish all-metal tablet elevates gaming for multimedia entertainment with a stunning 8 inch IPS LCD display with TDDI technology, which delivers better touch performance, power consumption reduced and greater reliability while allowing a thinner and brighter screen for online lessons, playing games, enjoying your favorite videos or even connecting with friends through social networks. moto tab g20 comes with 3GB RAM and a fast and powerful octa-core processor with clock speed up to 2.3GHz. The tab enables ultra-responsive performance while browsing the web, streaming movies, playing games, or chatting with friends. With 32GB of built-in storage expandable up to 2TB ^, this new tablet has room for all your content while you work or play smoothly day in and day out. Plus, with a 5100mAh battery, the moto tab g20 lets you run all day without having to charge it. Designed to be everyone’s personal device, this compact and stylish all-metal tablet elevates the game of multimedia entertainment with Google’s Entertainment Space and curated content for kids with Google Kids Space. Availability and price moto tab g20 is available in a premium sparkling platinum gray color. The moto tab g20 is available for the exclusive price of INR 9,999 from October 3, only on Flipkart. For more details, please visit Flipkart Additional Offers: Terms, Conditions and Fees. All are subject to change without notice. MOTOROLA, the stylized M logo, MOTO and the MOTO family of marks are registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC. Google and Android are registered trademarks of Google LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2021 Motorola Mobility LLC. All rights reserved. Battery: All statements regarding battery life are approximate. Actual battery performance will vary and depend on many factors including product configuration and usage, software, operating conditions, wireless functionality, power management settings, brightness of the screen and other factors. The maximum battery capacity will naturally decrease with time and use. Google Kids: Google Kids Space requires a Google account for your child. The availability and content of the service may vary. * For terms and conditions of banking offers, please visit Flipkart ^ ex-FAT About Motorola Motorola Mobility LLC was acquired by Lenovo Group Holdings in 2015. Motorola Mobility is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lenovo and is responsible for the design and of the manufacture of all Moto brand mobile phones. For more information visit motorola.in PWR PWR

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Aryan Khan, 2 other arrested; Mamata Banerjee wins the ballot http://riotjs.com/aryan-khan-2-other-arrested-mamata-banerjee-wins-the-ballot/ Sun, 03 Oct 2021 12:49:00 +0000 http://riotjs.com/aryan-khan-2-other-arrested-mamata-banerjee-wins-the-ballot/

Bhabanipur Bypoll: Election Commission orders TMC government to avoid victory parades

The electoral commission wrote to the West Bengal congressional government in Trinamool on Sunday asking it to take the necessary steps to avoid any incidents of post-election violence. The EC has called on the government to ban all celebrations or victory processions taking place during or after the counting of votes for the by-elections taking into account the COVID-19 pandemic situation. The commission said the administration must avoid the risk of clashes in the state.

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Aryan Khan and two others arrested in connection with Mumbai drug theft investigation under article 27 of NDPS law

In a major development in the Mumbai cruise drug trafficking case, Aryan Khan, the son of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, Munmun Dhamecha and Arbaaz Merchant were arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) after a 22 hour interrogation. Aryan Khan and two others were initiated under section 27 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS).

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Navjot Singh Sidhu reiterates his request to dismiss AG & DGP from Punjab; Warns Congress

Infighting in Congress continued to simmer as Navjot Singh Sidhu refused to back down on his demand to dismiss Punjab attorney general Amar Preet Singh Deol and DGP Iqbal Preet Singh Sahota. Speaking to Twitter on Sunday, Sidhu pointed out that Congress came to power in 2017 due to public outcry for justice in cases of sacrilege and drug trafficking. Claiming that Captain Amarinder Singh had been removed from his post as CM due to his inability to take action on this front, he said the AG and DGP appointments amounted to rubbing salt on the wounds of the victims.

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Om Birla and Harivansh to attend G-20 Speakers of Parliament summit in Rome

Lok Sabha President Om Birla, Rajya Sabha Vice President Harivansh Narayan Singh, and Secretaries General of both Houses of Parliament will attend the seventh G-20 Speakers’ Summit. An eight-member Indian parliamentary delegation will attend the Summit to be held October 7-8 in Rome, the Italian capital.

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Mumbai cruise drug bombing: NCB chief reveals details of two-week ‘meticulous’ operation

As part of a major drug crackdown, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on Saturday arrested a prominent drug group on a cruise ship en route from Mumbai to Goa and seized cocaine, hashish, MD and other drugs. According to sources, the two-night rave party aboard the cruise ship allegedly involving celebrities, including actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, was cut short by NCB after an eight-hour operation.

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BJP to congratulate health workers in India after administering 100 Cr COVID vaccine doses

The Bharatiya Janata party has announced that the ruling party will congratulate doctors, nurses and hospital staff across the country after administering 100 crore doses of COVID-19 vaccine. To date, the country has administered more than 90 crore of COVID-19 vaccine inoculations. A BJP employee said, “The BJP will congratulate doctors, nurses and hospital staff across the country. BJP MP, MLA, in charge and others will go to every district and area to thank and congratulate them. It is a great achievement for India. We have completed the immunization count of 90 crore, so most likely by October 11-12 we will meet that target. On that day, we will congratulate them “.

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UP: ‘Janata Darbar’ postponed from October 5 to the next day at CM Yogi’s residence

In a key development, the popular ‘Janata Darbar’ conference, which was scheduled to be held on October 5, has now been postponed to October 6. per day for some unavoidable reasons, which were not disclosed to the public in the official press release. The official statement read: “The ‘Janata Darbar’ scheduled for Tuesday, October 5 has been postponed for unavoidable reasons.” He went on to say, “Janata Darbar would be driven as usual the next day.” Janata Darbar is a popular convention organized by the Chief Minister to respond directly to the grievances of the people.

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Piyush Goyal hails Prime Minister Modi’s initiatives and state government raised ‘poorest of the poor’

Union Trade Minister Piyush Goyal recently praised the many initiatives taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government to uplift the poorest of the poor in the country by providing them with unimaginable facilities. Counting all the achievements of the NDA government over the past 7.5 years, Goyal claimed that the benefits of the schemes initiated under the Modi regime had reached the beneficiaries at the end of the beneficiary pyramid. Speaking of Ujjwala Yojana to Jan Dhan Yojana, the Aadhar program or even basic projects like building toilets or supplying clean water, Goyal said Prime Minister Modi raised hopes for a bright future. for the country.

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Uttarakhand: Indian army recovers bodies of soldiers missing from avalanche

The Indian Army recovered the bodies of four soldiers from Trishul Base Camp and rescued missing soldiers from Trishul Mountain in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Chamoli police said the army used a helicopter, which landed in the fields of the village of Sutol for the rescue operation. The State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) also reached the site to conduct rescue operations for Garhwal Scout soldiers by helicopter.

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Ashok Gehlot says BJP and RSS leaders accepted Gandhi for political ambitions

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Saturday denounced the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and called on them to follow Mahatma Gandhi for his principles and not for politics. Gehlot claimed that the RSS accepted Gandhi “after 60 years” for his political ambitions. He went on to say that he had asked RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat, Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Secretary Amit Shah to accept Gandhi’s principles.

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Saudi Arabia launches G20 water platform http://riotjs.com/saudi-arabia-launches-g20-water-platform/ Sat, 02 Oct 2021 22:31:20 +0000 http://riotjs.com/saudi-arabia-launches-g20-water-platform/

DJEDDAH: E-gamers are on the rise in the Kingdom, and Saudi female gamers are matching their male counterparts with their skill and tenacity.

The attention of e-gaming is growing among girls, especially with the emergence of platforms such as Twitch. Saudi female players are entering strongly on this platform, reaching high ranks and attracting huge numbers of viewers.

Twitch is an American platform that focuses on the live streaming of video games, including the broadcast of esports competitions, and began to gain popularity in the Kingdom in 2017.

Arab News spoke to several Saudi women about their experiences on the platform. Catspawgirl is an avid gamer who has been streaming live five hours a day and playing games such as Apex Legends and Overwatch since 2019.

“Twitch is the best full-time platform in Saudi Arabia, especially if you’re a fan of a certain game and want to watch people play it,” she said.

Pikaloli, another Saudi streamer, said there is no set monthly amount of money to be made on Twitch; it depends on the interaction of people and visits to the stream.

Catspawgirl explained that to open an account on Twitch, you must first have a PC or a console, and a desire to stream: “The first year will be very difficult. There won’t be a lot of followers and support, and maybe that’s why people are losing interest in this hobby.

Pikaloli said: “Before creating a Twitch account, it is best to prepare your screen design and remember to introduce yourself and the games you want to stream to attract new subscribers.”


• Mobile gaming is the leader with 19.3 million players.

• Console games come second with 13.9 million users.

• PC gaming comes third – not far behind consoles – with 13.4 million players.

• Laptop games increased by 57% in Saudi Arabia and 49% in the United Arab Emirates in 2020.

• In fact, 57% of the UAE and 55% of Saudi Arabia would consider buying a laptop for gaming by mid-2021.

• Console games grew 63% in Saudi Arabia and 55% in the United Arab Emirates in 2020.

Catspawgirl spoke of attracting audiences by having a unique appeal. “I like to change my look every stream so that the audience will come back to see what I’m going to wear, and I usually change my hair color and have different makeup every day.”

She advised girls who want to enter the world of Twitch to connect with their audience and not be silent – “just be spontaneous, get enthusiastic, and communicate.”

Pikaloli has another way of attracting an audience – as the first Saudi Vtuber, which means she uses a virtual avatar using computer graphics and motion capture software technology.

“I don’t want to show my face and as a content creator I always try to be exceptional, so I decided to appear as a virtual character who simulates my movements and facial expressions.”

Meshael MR, another Saudi Twitch streamer, said: “The streamer needs to have a plan for the future, enjoy every moment of the stream, find a unique feature in it and try as much as possible to stay away from problems. and dramas. “

It started broadcasting in 2018 and has over 145,000 subscribers. She supported other players and helped them learn more skills.

“I really want to see the Saudi player community grow. I know getting started can be difficult due to the social challenges, but acceptance is easier now, ”said Mashael.

Even with the added support of their communities, players said social media can be a difficult platform to enter and exit as well. There can be bullying, harassment, inappropriate comments, unhappy in the wide world of social media.


• KSA is the 19th largest games market in the world.

• Its gaming market grew 1% year-over-year.

• There are over 21.1 million players in the Kingdom.

• It is expected to generate $ 1.09 billion in 2021.

“Social issues are inevitable, especially as a girl who plays and enjoys communicating, laughing and talking a lot with her followers. Sometimes I get hassled and face a lot of bullying, but with the click of a button we can hide all the bullies and get back to our game, ”Catspawgirl said.

Pikaloli added: “I consider myself lucky that my biggest fans are from Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Sometimes I get cyber-intimidated by boys who say girls have a place in the kitchen, but funny enough, they end up following me after watching me play.

Saudi player Bador Alhtheill said streamers crave success and have what it takes to be the best in the world.

Sami Al-Alwani, another Twitch player, said, “Girls are excited to create unique content for the gaming world, and their numbers are remarkably competitive compared to international streamers. They have a huge following of all ages and they influence a lot of people. “

GCON, the Girl Gamers and Development community in Saudi Arabia, organizes events and tournaments in the electronic games industry and supports the female gaming community.

“We launched our forum in 2012 supporting women gamers. We have created and organized many events. GCON stated in its mission statement. “We have 13 streamers on the forum, and we have many projects in the development and production of games, esports, and entertainment.”

GCON encourages female gamers to join Twitch, because unlike YouTube, streamers don’t need to have editing skills.

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