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Chelsea’s Marco Van Ginkel ‘may not have worked again’ after 983 injury days

chelsea Midfielder Marco van Ginkel feared he would never walk again after a horrific knee injury which kept him out of action for 983 days.

Van Ginkel underwent routine ACL surgery in the summer of 2018 after a loan spell with PSV Eindhoven.

But he won’t play again until the start of the season, again on loan at PSV, after a horrible few years.

He said Goal: “The danger was there that I would lose my career, of course.

“Especially after the first week of infection, they didn’t know what the infection was doing inside the joint.

“After three months I reacted well, but it was going to be a very difficult time to be at the top level again, to come back and play for PSV, Chelsea or whoever. At that time, he it was more about whether I could walk again.Football didn’t matter.

“The infection that came six weeks after my surgery killed my knee a bit. That’s why it took so long, it damaged my knee and my cruciate ligaments and I had to have surgery again. That was a very difficult time.

“I was told that these things can happen sometimes, but only to 1 in 200 people after surgery. It’s very unlikely you’ll catch it, but some do get an infection. I was one of them. them and it was pretty bad.”

Image Credit: PA

Other loan moves have involved spells with AC Milan and Stoke City as well as PSV.

The Blues offered him a contract extension last summer and his current contract will expire this summer.

Asked about a potential future at Stamford Bridge, the Dutchman refused to make any promises.

Image Credit: PA
Image Credit: PA

“I’m just focusing on PSV at the moment and the rest we’ll see,” he added. “If I can get back to my level, then I know my qualities, but my focus is only on PSV and myself at the moment. I want even more minutes in the next games.

“The mindset you need to do that is the same mindset you need to come back. It’s getting better every day and I’ve done that. If you don’t have that, you’ll never come back from a big, big injury.

“I’m just happy to be a footballer again.”