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climate change: 67% of people under 18 in India see climate change as a global emergency: report

In India, around 67% of people under the age of 18 consider climate change a global emergency, compared to around 58% of adults, according to a new UNDP report. A sample of 34,749 adults and 31,390 under the age of 18 in India was drawn for the G20 People’s Climate Vote 2021 report by UNDP and Oxford University.

According to the global report, young people around the world are more aware of the seriousness of climate change and are more strongly seeking urgent political action on the climate front.

In India, about 67% of people under 18 consider climate change a global emergency, compared to about 58% of adults, according to the report.

In the age group of 18-35 years, 61% believe in a climate emergency while it drops to 59% in the age group of 36-59 years and is further reduced to 49% in the group of age over 60. noted.

“Strong advocates of green development, young people are ‘walking the talk’ by making climate-conscious choices in their lifestyle, such as buying sustainably sourced products and opting for environmentally friendly transport, while dedicating their skills to harnessing innovative ideas to aid action towards the climate crisis,” the report states.

Stopping burning polluting fuels was a popular policy in the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and France, with majority support among under-18s and adults in those countries, he said. .

“There were much lower levels of support elsewhere, with only 30% of adults in India and Saudi Arabia supporting this policy, compared to 36% and 32% of under-18s in those countries, respectively,” the report said. .

Adult and under-18 support for policies such as forest and land conservation to address climate change varied by country.

“It was 10 percentage points higher among adults than under-18s in the UK, for example, while in Brazil, Russia and India it was higher among under-18s. than in adults, 10%, 9% and 9% more, respectively,” he said.

During the G20 People’s Vote for Climate, people aged 18+ (adults) and under 18 were asked if they considered climate change a global emergency.

“Across all countries, large majorities of adults said climate change is a global emergency, ranging from the UK (81%) and Italy (80%), to Argentina and India, at 57% and 58% respectively,” it said.

Stopping burning dirty fuels was a popular policy in Australia, Canada and European members of the G20, with majority support among under-18s and adults, with the exception of Italy.

“There were much lower levels of support elsewhere, with just 30% of adults backing this policy in India and Saudi Arabia,” he said.

When it comes to public support for forest and land conservation, more under-18s supported the policy than adults in India (52% vs. 43%), the report said.

Popular support for environmental stewards was relatively uneven among under-18s and adults, and across countries, likely due to cultural and social differences.

“Support was highest among under-18s in Australia (64%) and adults in the UK (61%), and was relatively low in Saudi Arabia, India and South Korea,” a- he declared.

When it comes to climate-smart agriculture, the United States recorded the biggest difference, with 72% of under-18s supporting climate-smart agriculture, compared to just 60% of adults, and India, where 51% of under-18s support, compared to 43% of adults.

“This points to a need for more education among adults on the benefits of climate-smart agriculture,” he said.