Trade Wars

Climate-smart specialty crops Pt 2

Climate-smart specialty crops Pt 2

With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Climate-smart agriculture is just one of the big national issues that farmers and ranchers are watching closely after two years of extreme challenges.

Mark Powers, president of the Northwest Horticultural Council, says specialty crop growers have been more active participants in national conversations…

POWERS-1=23…” They are, and I think it’s been a while to come, but it’s happened even with the trade wars, and then you’ve had coronavirus food aid programs and the “attention that the specialized cultures may have gotten by saying, we hurt too. If you’re going to give that money and help people, which is the right thing to do, make sure you can help us as well.”

To that end, Powers says the specialty crop industry has come together…

POWERS… “So there’s been, I think, a lot of nationwide effort from, what, 300 specialty cultures, or something. So many very small voices, but united, they can deliver a good, more powerful message to Washington DC, whether it’s to the Secretary of Agriculture or to Congress.

One of the biggest problems, Powers says, is coming…

POWERS… “We have the new Farm Bill coming. There is a Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance that brings everyone together and allows us to go to Congress and have specific Farm Bill programs that target specialty crop growers.

Powers says our involvement has grown, as has consumer interest in where their food comes from.