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Complete plan to prepare Qeshm for the tourist lift


Tehran – The Qeshm authorities are in the process of formulating a comprehensive plan, which is considered a prerequisite for the development of tourism in the south of the Iranian island.

Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf is an ecotourist’s paradise as it encompasses many attractions such as the marine forests of Hara and around 60 villages scattered mostly along its rocky shores.

Qeshm Free Trade Zone chief Ali Darvish said on Saturday that the tourism industry is one of the pillars of Qeshm Island’s development.

A comprehensive tourism plan is being developed with a focus on different parts of the island, the official said.

“Based on a comprehensive and strategic plan, every potential of the beautiful island of Qeshm will be explored to expand the tourism infrastructure.”

“In order to create a leading tourism brand for Qeshm, the different capabilities of this island must be taken into account,” he noted.

Darvish made the remarks during a field visit to the villages of Soheili and Laft, which are teeming with unspoiled natural landscapes that could become travel destinations.

“The villages of Qeshm are home to many pristine natural attractions that can be turned into tourist attractions,” he said. “Creating jobs for local communities, launching new startups and businesses, and ultimately improving the living conditions of residents are some of the goals we are pursuing.”

Referring to the ecolodge units which are an important part of the island’s hotel sector, Ali Darvish said: “Due to the existing capacities, the taste of national and international tourists has tended to use traditional and local accommodation. “

The island also features geologically remarkable canyons, hills, caves and valleys, most of which are protected as part of the UNESCO-listed Qeshm Island Geopark, itself a paradise. For nature lovers.

Initially added to the coveted network in 2006, Qeshm Geopark was removed from the Global Geoparks Network (GGN) in 2013 due to the inability of authorities to address site issues, such as underdeveloped infrastructure and unsuccessful environmental regulations. applied.

One of Iran’s seven free zones, Qeshm Island is a premier vacation destination and treasure trove of natural and ecological attractions in the Persian Gulf. The island is an ecotourist’s paradise as it encompasses many attractions such as the marine forests of Hara and around 60 villages scattered mainly on its rocky shores.

Besides the geopark, sun and sandy beaches, the island’s famous mangrove forests in the Hara Protected Area attract a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. The Hara Protected Area is one of the five forests in Hormozgan Province and arguably the most important feature of Qeshm Geopark. Covering an area of ​​85,686 hectares, Hara is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The ecological importance of the forests forced the local authorities to build a new museum dedicated to the presentation of the ecological characteristics of the forest.