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Coronavirus: Special flights to bring Britons home as emergency travel loan offered | Politics News

Special flights are being put in place to bring home Britons stranded due to the coronavirus lockdown, the foreign minister said.

Dominic Raab said Singapore had agreed to be the transit hub where people stranded in countries like Australia, New Zealand and Peru could cross on their way. back to UK.

He also assured travelers unable to afford the cost of a return plane ticket that they could get an emergency loan to cover the cost.

Dominic Raab said emergency loans would be available

But some stranded travelers painted a different picture, telling Sky News that embassies abroad give them little help.

MPs, including Tory MPs, have stepped up pressure on the Foreign Office for its record by helping Britons stranded abroad return home as countries around the world try to contain the spread of COVID-19[feminine.

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Des avions au sol s’empilent sur la piste d’Oklahoma

L’ancienne ministre de l’Immigration Caroline Nokes s’est plainte d’une “assistance téléphonique des députés qui sonne sans réponse, des e-mails reconnus mais sans réponse, des ambassades fermées et du personnel rapatrié il y a quelques jours et des portes fermées à nos voyageurs”.

Elle a affirmé que les compagnies aériennes annulaient des vols ou facturaient des dizaines de milliers de livres sterling pour un billet, et que les pays interdisaient les escales, empêchant les Britanniques de rentrer chez eux.

“Il sait que la situation est désastreuse, mais il le savait la semaine dernière”, a été la pique dirigée contre le ministre des Affaires étrangères, comme Mme Nokes a ajouté: “La vision des citoyens britanniques dormant dans la rue dans les rues de Caracas [in Venezuela] is not good.”

Mr Raab tried to allay travelers’ fears by saying that a special chartered flight to bring home those stranded in Peru would return to the UK on Tuesday, with up to 200 seats on board.

The government has pressured New Zealand and Australia to keep some flights open and reopen other routes despite the coronavirus pandemic, he added.

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“Stay at home or your loved ones may die”

Mr Raab advised: “If people need urgent help, they should call our embassies and high commissioners.

“Where people really need it, our consular teams will work with them to explore their options – as a last resort, we offer an emergency loan.”

Labor MP Thangam Debbonaire challenged Mr Raab to explain what support is available for cash strapped people abroad.

He replied that the Foreign Ministry “cannot, given the scale, provide grants or direct grants” to people who have run out of money.

Elaine Morley, a stranded nurse in Cambodia, told Sky News it was “impossible to return home” because all return flights she had booked were canceled, leaving her with no money.

“We are stuck in Cambodia without help, no one wants to know.

“Our travel agents don’t want to know, the British Embassy isn’t interested – they can’t help us financially, they can’t help us with accommodation, they can’t help us with a flight.

“We’re actually stuck here, we don’t know who to turn to or what to do next. We just want to go home.”

Caroline Hutchings, who has been trying to return from the Philippines for a week, said the three flights she booked were also canceled.

She told Sky News that she was getting “old” and “conflicted” from the travel advice from the British Embassy there.

“Everything is a bit old – which just isn’t helpful. You lose confidence,” Ms. Hutchings said.

Britons stuck aboard a cruise ship docked in Lisbon, Portugal, will also be repatriated on Tuesday, the country’s interior minister said.

The MSC Fantasia, which sailed from Brazil, had a Portuguese traveler who tested positive for the coronavirus.