CPC has systemic advantages in economic and societal governance

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The centenary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) looms as a big celebration takes place in Beijing on July 1 and takes center stage in the world. Under the mandate and stewardship of the CCP, China, the most populous nation on the planet, has transformed into the most dynamic large economy with 770 million people lifted out of poverty and more than 500 million class average that can enjoy growing prosperity whose powerful consumption power attracts all multinational companies.

The CCP has led China to become the world’s greatest manufacturing power and the largest trading nation. What makes the Chinese people the most elated and fulfilled is the country’s vast investment in infrastructure, education and technological advancements that are expected to pave the way for rapid and continued economic growth in the years to come. .

The Belt and Road (BRI) initiative and its underlying concept of building a common prosperity and destiny for all mankind – stemming from the distinctive and rich ancient Chinese culture – is gaining wide acceptance. recognition and approval around the world.

Over the past 18 months, the CCP, faced with the sudden onset of COVID-19, has launched an unprecedented people’s war against the pandemic by largely stifling the spread of the virus in China, echoing its pledge to always place the people’s lives above all. Today, the country has administered more than 1.1 billion doses of coronavirus vaccines, far ahead of other countries.

This unique great success in containing the pandemic, eclipsing a multitude of other nations, including the United States, has won the CCP the growing support of the Chinese people. Tens of thousands of lives would have perished without Beijing’s decisive action taken in 2020 to thwart the disease. Confidence in the CCP and the central government has increased to over 95%, according to surveys by international organizations.

It is baffling for the Western powers led by the United States to know the logic of the CCP’s operational and governing style, as well as the courage and persistence of the ruling party over the past 100 years to overcome difficulties and hold on. great commitments to the people.

To this day, the United States, Western governments and their media continue to accentuate the divide between democracy and autocracy, believing that their multi-party system is superior to the unique and very successful model of China, but it is becoming increasingly clear that Western governments are too engrossed in quarrels or partisan struggles between their rival political parties, and their mode of governance is much less effective and efficient.

So what is it that makes a political party in China, with 92 million members, so successful, persistent and successful for 100 years? It would probably take two weeks or write 100 essays to expose the theories, thoughts, experiences, anecdotes, and practices of the CCP on its centenary.

A shortcut for those around the world who want answers is to go to the library and find a book on the Great Saint and his Confucianism that will tell you what the CCP doctrine of pursuing democratic collectivism means, and why it is. works. . This explains why the CCP and the Chinese people value stability, unity, children’s education, the well-being of the elderly, inclusive growth and common prosperity that a government should leave no one behind.

It also explains why the CCP and the Chinese people never fall back on foreign coercion and threat, tending to strike back decisively whenever intimidated by other powers – which is exemplified by the tariffs. imposed on the United States and retaliation imposed on anti-Chinese politicians, direct family members and institutions that denigrate China in the United States and the West.

And it also explains why the future of this populous country, under the leadership of the CCP, will continue to meet domestic and foreign challenges, develop people-centered policies, and reach new heights of development.

As the CCP’s centenary approaches, it is worth taking a look at the collective wisdom of top Party leadership and central government in weighing national development issues and international affairs, and shaping policies. adapted.

Since the 2008-09 global financial crisis, which was caused by the exuberance of Wall Street bankers and the neglect of the US government’s financial watchdogs, the CCP has put China on the fast track of development. Supported by huge investments in infrastructure, science and technology, and human resources, the country has gained significantly by becoming a leading power in technological advancements. China is a pioneer and global pioneer in the deployment of 5G, paperless mobile payment, e-commerce, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, self-driving cars, high-speed railways, satellite navigation and space exploration.

No wonder, then, that, under the leadership of the CCP, China’s development miracle has offered a learning point for other developing countries. From Special Economic Zones, Free Trade Ports, Agricultural Demonstration Zones, National Ecological Reserves to BRI, Pilotage has become a key process in CPC’s policy making and innovation.

Some Western countries, notably the United States, Canada and Australia, see China as a strategic rival, which seeks to shift their position on the world stage, but many other governments, mainly in the developing world, will see China’s development as a good opportunity and a great inspiration. With the continuous strengthening of the Chinese economy, the CCP will be more and more appreciated and acclaimed by more and more countries and people.

The author is an editor at the Global Times. [email protected]

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