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Disney Charges $5,000 For A Star Wars-Inspired Cocktail: What You Need To Know

It’s impossible not to notice that the current inflationary climate has driven up the prices of almost everything – but who’s willing to pay $5,000 for a cocktail? The Walt Disney Co. SAY bet someone with an XL-sized wallet is willing to hit the bar for this concoction.

What happened: According to a CNBC report, this expensive drink is served on The Wish, the latest addition to the company’s cruise liner fleet. The Wish makes its maiden voyage from Port Canaveral, Florida to Disney’s private island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay, on July 14, and the ship offers Disney-branded experiences, including a “Frozen” Sing-Along Dinner and another dining experience inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. .

But it’s The Wish’s Star Wars-inspired Hyperspace Lounge where the price gets interesting. This section of the ship transports the Mos Eisley canteen experience into the Biden-era economy with its $5,000 Kaiburr Crystal drink served in the camtono container favored by bounty hunters from that galaxy far, far away. .

As for the ingredients of the Kaiburr Crystal, Disney has yet to preview what can be found in $5,000 intoxicated.

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Why it happened: Even though the $5,000 cocktail is just an eye-catching publicity stunt, it confirms Disney’s heightened interest in the luxury travel market.

Last month, the company unveiled its approximately $110,000 “Disney Parks Around the World: A Private Jet Adventure” which includes a 24-day tour that includes private jet travel to the company’s parks in the United States, in Europe and Asia as well as tours of the Lucasfilm Campus and the Walt Disney Studios. Also included are stops at non-Disney attractions including the Taj Mahal, Giza Pyramids, and Eiffel Tower.

The focus on luxury travel has put the company at odds with its traditional audience, which is increasingly expressing frustration with rising costs at Disney theme parks and, specific to Walt Disney World at Orlando, air conditioning issues at some of the attractions. .

In Benzinga’s recent “The Crisis at Disney” series, For Rebecca Bartonentertainment editor for the Inside the magic blog that focuses on all things Disney, wondered if Disney was doing enough to keep its traditional tourists from defecting to Comcast Corporation CMCSA Universal theme parks.

“A lot of people seem to gravitate towards Universal parks,” she said. “Whether it’s because the experience is better or because they’re cheaper, who can tell? I don’t think there’s any other company that could compete when it comes to the theme park experience, and I think with the Epic Universe coming in the next few years, Universal is making an effort to compete with Disney regarding the theme park experience. ”

Photo by Ann Smith, courtesy of Disney

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