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Dubai Industrial City joins Dubai Exports at SIAL Paris 2022

Dubai Industrial City, a member of TECOM Group PJSC, announces its participation in SIAL Paris 2022 as part of the UAE pavilion led by Dubai Exports and other government entities.

The flagship event will bring together key players and inspiring food industry professionals from over 100 countries in Paris, France, from October 15-19, to inspire, debate and exchange expertise and knowledge.

Under the umbrella of the UAE Pavilion and Dubai Exports, the delegation aims to boost international trade and cross-border opportunities with Europe, the United States and Africa.

Dubai Industrial City will participate as one of the region’s largest manufacturing hubs to shed light on the UAE’s comprehensive manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

While F&B is one of Dubai Industrial City’s vital areas with a total leasable area exceeding 23.5 million square feet of industrial land, participation in flagship events like SIAL 2022 is part of its commitment and efforts. to support the F&B sector in the UAE.

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On behalf of Dubai Industrial City, Saud Abu Alshawareb, Executive Vice President – Industrial Leasing, TECOM Group PJSC said, “The F&B sector and trade in the UAE is on the rise and growing steadily, this was evident after the Dubai Chamber of Commerce spent $20 billion on F&B trade in the first nine months of 2021, thanks to growing demand and increased food safety efforts.

“SIAL Paris 2022 is a great opportunity for us to amplify economic opportunity in the UAE, strengthen international trade and continue to support the impactful initiatives of our leaders such as the National Food Security Strategy 2051 and the Industrial Strategy of Dubai 2030.

“We want to show the world our capabilities and solidify our position as one of the region’s leading manufacturing hubs that offers world-class infrastructure and a competitive ecosystem for manufacturing and logistics businesses.”

The industrial city of Dubai plays a pivotal role in the UAE’s food security and restaurant sector, as it is currently home to food giants like Asmak, Baraka Dates and Al Ameera Foods, alongside innovative partners who are at the forefront of promising technological solutions that are shaping the future of food safety in the UAE.

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