Eichel opens up about escalation, NHL trade rumors and playoff coverage

So begins the story. Despite hope against all hope and the attempt to save the ship, it looks like Buffalo Sabers general manager Kevyn Adams will abandon the ghost of keeping star center Jack Eichel. The NHL’s commercial market is about to get a big fish. The Montreal Canadiens clogged the zones and squeezed the Vegas Golden Knights for a Game 2 victory, and we analyze the Pittsburgh Penguins’ options for a seasoned back-up goaltender with playoff experience.

Obstruction is out of control in the NHL. Take the lead, face the opponent, win a match. Hockey played before a team gets a two-goal lead is excellent. Afterwards, hockey is like watching a fight against Floyd Mayweather; the excitement comes from watching one side try to go up the offensive.


Pittsburgh Hockey Now: If (SI) the Pittsburgh Penguins hit the commercial NHL market or free agent lists for an experienced backup goalie with playoff chops, these are the Penguins’ options and the “no-go” list.

Bleacher Report: The Buffalo Sabers have hinted they might hire a coach who would suit star center Jack Eichel. This doesn’t seem to have allayed Eichel’s mistrust and his desire to play elsewhere. TSN analyst Pierre LeBrun broke the news, but TSN is only allowing Canadians to view the video report, so here’s the Bleacher Report aggregation – Eichel trade contest is heating up. the The NHL trade rumors are just beginning.

I don’t know why TSN won’t let us Americans watch the news. I’m sure it’s a contract issue somewhere, but it’s silly.

NHL Playoff Coverage

Vegas: The Golden Knights pushed hard in the final 30 minutes, but failed to score the third goal. The fluffy and dirty post-match wrap with quick scan: Montreal wins Game 2.

JNI: Now that’s interesting – Barry Trotz said his team’s reluctance to take a penalty allowed Tampa Bay to take a few more shots. The New York Saints won’t have much sympathy, but it’s a fun read.

Trotz successfully worked the officials in the second round and Patrice Bergeron eliminated several face-offs.

NHL.com: Jason Spezza signed a one-year deal with a discount in his hometown to stay with the Leafs.

No more NHL and national hockey trade rumors now:

Philly: Jack Eichel with the Philadelphia Flyers? “It makes sense.” Uh oh… That would definitely change the Metro division and make the Pittsburgh Penguins’ road a little more difficult. Can Flyers Succeed?

Via Twitter, the Buffalo Sabers beat reporter Lance Lysowksi reports that the New Jersey Devils have an interest in Sabers D-man Rasmus Ristolainen.

The same goes for the Penguins. I really liked Ristolainen’s physical play, at least against the Penguins, this season. He wore Crosby’s or Malkin’s sweater nastily. He can also move the puck. As a rule of thumb, if Tom Fitzgerald likes a player, he’s worth considering.

Boston: The Boston Bruins will try once again for glory with an aging core. Seems familiar? They are also looking for a reliable person LHD, “who chews minutes.”

Colorado: Adrian Dater broke the news – after some public questions, the Colorado Avalanche will bring his coach back Jared Bednar next season.

Stick with Adrian for a tough week. There were a lot of people for his press conference and a lot of stones from glass houses. So the guy is going to look for the biggest story in the land of avalanches. He’s a pro. And my friend.

San Jose: If you want San Jose Sharks talk and GM NHL chair trade talks (Brent Burns for Seth Jones?), The Locked on Sharks Podcast worth listening to.

Florida: Jonathan Huberdeau takes top NHL assist. Check it out.

* And here’s a fable about sticking to your draft picks and making good picks beyond the first round. Every GM should take note, and fans who want ammo to criticize their GM should read:

Detroit: Want to know why the Tampa Bay Lightning is part of the Stanley Cup talk every year? Steve Yzerman produced 0.545 in the NHL Draft. Yeah, that’s really good, here is the details.

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