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VANCOUVER, BC, September 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – In the wake of the G20 Ministerial Conference on the Empowerment of Women held on 26 auguste, where the G20 EMPOWER Alliance delivered its final communiqué to G20 leaders, the alliance is pleased to announce the launch of its G20 EMPOWER Best Practices Playbook, available from the G20 website.

Assembled in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the G20 EMPOWER Best Practices Playbook 2021 brings together more than 150 best practices from 23 countries and a variety of industries, providing examples of policies and actions adopted by the private sector to strengthen company commitments and performance. the advancement of women as leaders. The Playbook focuses on three pillars of the G20 EMPOWER Alliance under the Italian Presidency of the G20 EMPOWER 2021: Measuring to improve, build and nurture an effective and sustainable female talent pool, and empower women to lead the future.

The Playbook is designed for:

  • Present the best practices / policies of G20 countries in industries and private sector organizations, in order to acquire ideas and ideas that can be adopted and implemented in the context of each organization;
  • Enable governments of G20 countries to learn about best practices implemented in the private sector and inspire policies to strengthen best practices at country level;
  • Enable G20 EMPOWER advocates to publicly share their best practices with organizations and countries promoting women’s leadership and empowerment;
  • Connect companies and leaders to learn from each other and strengthen the G20 EMPOWER network in G20 countries, and ultimately lead to measurable and actionable progress in representing women in leadership, today and in the future. the future.

“Business leaders have exceptional power to enable the advancement of women as leaders in their organizations, and a critical part of progress is providing a model for success,” commented Shahrzad Rafati, Chairman and CEO of BBTV and Co-Chairman of G20 EMPOWER. “The Best Practice Guide is more than a guide, it’s a wealth of case studies proven to help leaders set relevant goals for their organizations, measure their progress, and follow the path to success. Diverse leadership is essential for a more holistic and prosperous global economy, and the playbook is a vital keystone at a time when the world needs to build back better. “

The 2021 Playbook builds on practices collected in 2020, supported by the OECD, ILO and McKinsey, and led to the publication of the G20 EMPOWER report ‘Policies and Practices to Promote Women in Leadership Roles in the private sector ”. It aims to be a living knowledge-sharing platform for organizations and leaders working to accelerate women’s leadership and empowerment in the private sector and beyond.

About the G20 EMPOWER

The G20 Alliance for the Empowerment and Advancement of the Economic Representation of Women (G20 EMPOWER) was launched at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, following the suggestion of Canada. Under Italian presidency, the G20 EMPOWER is led by Paola Mascaro, President of Valore D, with the support of the Italian Department for Equal Opportunities. The purpose of the Alliance is to build and maintain a network within the private sector to identify challenges, share lessons learned and best practices to support greater equity in advancing women’s leadership. The G20 EMPOWER Alliance strives to present its proposals at the G20 Leaders’ Summit.

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