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Erol Kiresepi represented employers around the world at the G20 Labor Ministers’ meeting

erol kiresepi represented employers around the world at the meeting of labor ministers

Erol Kiresepi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Santa Farma Ä°laç Sanayii and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Association of Employers of Chemical, Petroleum, Rubber and Plastics Industry (KÄ°PLAS), represented the employers around the world at the G20 Labor Ministers’ Meeting.

Santa Farma İlaç Sanayii, Chairman of the Board, Vice-Chairman of the Board of KİPLAS and Honorary Chairman of the International Organization of Employers (IOE), Erol Kiresepi, attended the meeting of Labor Ministers meeting held on June 23, 2021 as part of the Presidency of the G20 Italy mandate and delivered a speech on behalf of global employers.

Labor ministers from G20 countries, ministerial officials and representatives of international organizations attended the meeting held in Catania, Italy, to prepare the jobs and growth recommendations to be presented to the Leaders’ Summit of the G20 to be held in October.

Speaking in the first part of the meeting, Kiresepi said that all possible measures should be taken to encourage and accelerate the creation of new employment opportunities after the pandemic, and that it would be beneficial to prioritize the removal of obstacles in front of employers in order to create employment by supporting entrepreneurs, companies and workers with strong incentives in order to increase employment. checked in.

“It is essential to ensure education and vocational guidance”

Emphasizing the need to provide training and career guidance for employees to adapt to a rapidly developing labor market, the Honorary President of the IOE said that all countries can adapt to the 21st century with dynamic, flexible and inclusive labor markets.

Erol Kiresepi noted that if the policies adopted by the G20 are implemented at the national level, we can solve the existing problems, and in this context, they await the previously accepted measures such as the G20 action plan for the entrepreneurship, the G20 structural reform program or the G20 Skills Strategy to be translated into action in each G20 country.

At the end of his speech, Kiresepi stressed that IOE, which represents more than 150 million companies in 50 countries, is ready to support the G20 process in order to achieve successful implementations and effective results in the period to come.