Trade Wars

Everything You Wanted to Know About Google Fall Event 2022 (But Were Afraid to Ask) TechCrunch

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TechCrunch’s top 3

  • Made by Google: brian and a bunch of other mainstream tech fans dropped off 14(!) stories related to today’s Google Fall Event, so head over to the Big Tech Inc. section for more on this topic.
  • Shedding Light on Business Intelligence: Lightdash, which received $8.4 million in new funding, built its business intelligence platform specifically for dbt, Paul reports. Cool parts? It is open source and both front-end and back-end.
  • in star“Trade wars, military conflicts, the rise of e-commerce and sustainability concerns are driving changes in supply chain networks and trade flows”, Kyle writing. That’s where Altana comes in with its AI-powered supply chain visibility platform, which just secured $100 million in fresh capital.

Startups and VCs

Online shopping and fast delivery through services like Instacart and Amazon Prime are on par with modern conveniences, but for many consumers concerned about sustainability and the impact of e-commerce on the environment, every box and bag plastic dropped on their doorstep is also accompanied by a sense of guilt. Sarah reports that a startup called The Rounds thinks it has found a solution to make online commerce more efficient, more environmentally friendly and, as its recently announced $38 million Series A shows, potentially profitable too.

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Why your startup needs a prenup

Picture credits: skodonnell (Opens in a new window) /Getty Pictures

At the beginning of the creation of a startup, everyone is on the same wavelength. But by the time a company reaches maturity, there’s no way of knowing if the founding team will get along.

Starry-eyed newlyweds routinely sign prenuptial agreements without losing their sense of idealism, and startup founders should do the same, advises Yonaton Aronoff, partner at litigation and employment law firm Harris St. Laurent & Wechsler.

“Unfortunately, as too many co-founders and spouses realize, the best time to plan for negative outcomes is early in the relationship,” he writes. “Waiting for conflict to develop can be devastating and too often leads to intractable disputes with no clear winner.”

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Big Tech inc.

Don’t worry, US Twitter users, Sarah writes that your edit button is coming…

As mentioned above, Google’s fall event took place today, and if you missed it, you can catch up on the Pixel Watch and Pixel 7 reveal here.

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And we have five more for you: