French President Macron urges G20 powers to put conditions on Taliban before recognition

While the Taliban still await their legitimacy, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday he wanted the G20 economic powers to set conditions for the extremist group. Macron said G20 countries should push the Taliban to guarantee the rights of women and girls. The French president said world powers should tell the Taliban that:

“You absolutely have to give the young women of your country a future, and this is one of the things we will look at before we recognize you.”

In addition, Macron also raised other concerns, including allowing all girls to return to school in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. The French president said he would raise the same issue at the upcoming G20 summit in Rome. Other demands made by Macron include the Taliban allowing humanitarian operations to continue. In addition, he also said that the armed group should condemn and refuse to cooperate with “Islamist terrorist groups” in the region.

Besides the Western superpowers, Macron also called on other regional powers to set the same conditions before the Taliban government is officially recognized. He added that Western powers should “convince” regional powers to do the same. At a meeting on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly last month, the G20 powers discussed sending a unified message to the Taliban before granting them global legitimacy.

Afghan women protest the Taliban; demand fees

Earlier in September, Afghan women protested against the armed group and demanded rights. According to ANI, Afghan women have also brandished slogans such as “the exclusion of women is human exclusion”, “our freedom of speech is the culmination of our power” and “education, work and freedom are paths to growth, ”the press reported. ANI agency. In addition, a group of women staged a protest in Kabul on October 1 to express their displeasure at the decision of the Taliban-led government to deny women access to educational institutions.

The protesters were quoted by TOLO News as saying that the closure of schools and colleges for women’s education is a violation of their basic rights. Besides female students, teachers and lecturers also participated in the demonstration against the extremist organization in Kabul. They called the closure of schools and universities a serious concern that could profoundly change the future of girls’ learning in the war-torn country. Although the security forces arrested the demonstrators, they continued their demonstration, standing firm on their demands. According to TOLO News, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture Zabiullah Mujahid said the protesters could get an education clearance from the Justice Ministry.


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