Free Trade Zones

FTZ Solidarity demands priority for vaccines

Workers engaged in services within free zones (FTAs) should be given priority in the Covid-19 vaccination program, while PCR tests should be carried out regularly and urgently in these zones, the solidarity of the free zones (2).

They also said hygiene maintenance methods in factories should be improved, while people identified as infected should be quarantined under the factory’s arrangements to return them to service immediately upon recovery. .

In the event that a factory had to close due to exposure to the Covid-19 virus, Solidarity demanded that its workers receive their monthly salary; and in a situation where the factory is not closed, management should take steps to grant paid leave to workers who have been sent to quarantine.

It has also been requested that labor and casual workers in free zones receive the ration of Rs. 5,000.

“There are a multitude of problems encountered in free zones. Most serious during the current Covid-19 pandemic has been the loss of jobs and the lack of robust health infrastructure to protect workers in the area. We are making these demands on a reasonable basis, especially at a time when garment and garment export revenues are significantly higher than last year, according to Central Bank data, ”the Free Trade Zone said. Solidarity.