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G20 member states willing to cooperate with Indonesia (Ministry)

So far, some (G20 member states) have shown a positive indication (cooperating with Indonesia). I think it’s because our presidency of the G20 is an opportunity to attract investment from other countries

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Some G20 member states have expressed their intention to cooperate in various sectors with Indonesia which holds the G20 presidency in 2022, according to an official from the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs.

“So far, some (G20 member states) have shown a positive indication (to cooperate with Indonesia). I think it’s because our G20 presidency is an opportunity to attract investment from other country,” said the deputy minister in charge of coordinating international economic relations. Cooperation, Edi Prio Pambudi, said at a press conference here on Monday.

The ministry deputy pointed out that one of the cooperation agendas raised by Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese during his visit to Indonesia on Monday concerned the energy transition sector.

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Besides Australia, the German president is also expected to visit Indonesia later this year to discuss green energy development cooperation, he said.

Pampudi explained that besides the energy sector, Indonesia’s cooperation with G20 countries also encompasses the sectors of digital development, health and education, with relevant ministries providing support for the cooperation.

According to the MP, the cooperation has shown that the G20 presidency has benefited Indonesia, especially in terms of bilateral cooperation and investment opportunities.

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The G20 is not only a means to tap into new investment and bilateral cooperation opportunities, but also serves as a platform to intensify relations and resolve cooperation issues between countries, he said. to remark.

“For example, there is a project in a country, but the project is hindered, so the G20 (will be a means) to devise solutions to the problems,” Pambudi noted.

Furthermore, Indonesia is committed to ensuring that the G20 Presidency it currently holds will not only benefit the domestic sector but also other countries, including minor island and African nations, a- he asserted.

“That’s why we also invite small island and African countries (to the G20 forum). We hope it will be beneficial for them,” remarked the deputy minister.

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