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Empire of Sin requires players to take out all other Mafia bosses in order to win, and there are many different paths to achieve this goal.

Empire of Sin takes place in 1920s Chicago, where players will choose from a group of mob bosses to lead their crime syndicate. From managing casinos to meeting other bosses, Empire of Sin is an immersive and intriguing strategy game. There are 14 bosses players can choose from, with more to come in the DLC, and some from Empire of SinThe characters are based on real people. Each boss has unique combat skills, empire bonuses, and diplomatic boosts that provide players with a new experience with each character.

Players will start by choosing one of the 14 bosses based on their playstyle and skill set. Each boss in Empire of Sin has strengths and weaknesses to consider. For example, Dean O’Banion has a very powerful combat bonus, but it will be difficult for players to start or maintain alliances while playing with him. Choosing the right boss will depend on the path to victory players want to take.

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In order to gain in Empire of Sin, players will have to eliminate all other bosses and own all crimes in all available neighborhoods. There are a number of ways to do this, including establishing diplomatic relations or monopolizing the drinking game. Each player’s choice will bring them closer to victory (or defeat). It will take time to build up enough resources to hit bosses in the opposing mob, but there are a few different strategies players can focus on.

How to win in Empire of Sin

There are three main methods to gain Empire of Sin: play diplomat, focus on business, or practice active aggression. Some bosses are more suited to these tactics than others. Frankie Donovon has stat boosts that make him ideal for the alcohol race, while Mabel Ryley is better suited for the casino industry. Some bosses also have powerful combat bonuses that make an aggressive campaign easier. All three methods have drawbacks and risks, and some will take longer than others.

The diplomat

Diplomacy is arguably the most difficult mechanic in the game to use. Even after forming an alliance, rival bosses can turn on the player and their character can find themselves in a worse situation. However, there are some advantages to playing nicely with other bosses. Players have the option of teaming up with other bosses, which can be very helpful in taking down some of the stronger rivals. To stay diplomatic and avoid confrontation, build businesses in abandoned buildings instead of grabbing enemy rackets. Players can exchange business, offer a tribute, or do other bosses a favor to strengthen their relationships. This method will also help keep cops at bay, as players won’t commit as many crimes when playing diplomatically. It’s by far the longest way to beat Empire of Sin.

The business tycoon

For this route, players will focus on picking up or developing fully improved racquets. Of course, there will always be options for diplomacy or aggression, and inevitably players will have to eliminate other bosses. However, there are a number of abandoned buildings to take care of that can help grow a player’s empire without annoying rival bosses. There are casinos, underground bars, brasseries and brothels. Depending on the player’s boss, some of these businesses can be fairly easy to upgrade and expand. Angelo Genna has some great bonuses for building an empire based on illegal bars, and Frank Ragen is optimal for a union focused on breweries. Depending on the level of practice of those involved in diplomacy, companies can also be traded or alcohol can be sold for more than its value. Have a heavy business game of Empire of Sin will grant players the money they need to eventually take down other bosses.

The aggressor

Making aggressive moves will increase notoriety and make it easier for players to recruit tougher mobsters. It will also allow them to quickly upgrade racquets and promote a gang member to a higher rank, such as a Councilor or Deputy Chief. To follow this path, players will need to focus primarily on fighting, taking over rival businesses, and winning wars. Players can run businesses to raise funds to upgrade weapons, recruit high-level gangsters, and expand their criminal empire. While racket building is necessary, the main goal will be to increase notoriety with strong, hostile moves that quickly take out the competition.

There are, of course, downsides to each playstyle and specific bosses that work better than others. Playing aggressively means sacrificing all diplomatic bonuses, and players can expect more war demands as well. The aggressive campaign is also the riskiest, because if a player’s boss dies, the game ends immediately. Alternatively, with the diplomatic approach, it can take much longer to build an effective gang and be able to attack shelters. Focusing primarily on building strong businesses gives players a good balance of friendly and aggressive playing options. The trade route will also allow players to have a secondary objective as they will have enough money to make significant moves against (or for) others.

There are other strategies with minor differences and some paths that are hybrids of the main styles of play. Empire of Sin gives players complete freedom to make decisions, there are a myriad of possibilities to ensure a unique experience for every player. However, the above methods of winning combine the different choices players can make for a cohesive strategy to reach the end. Empire of Sin is a complex strategy game that gives players the freedom to choose how they are going to reach the top.

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Empire of Sin is available for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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