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gBETA Opportunity Zone Capital Accelerator Announces Inaugural Cohort

DENVER, CO- The Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) and a nationally-ranked startup accelerator generator today announced the five companies selected for its first cohort for the

gBETA Opportunity Zone Capital Accelerator program. The selected companies represent a wide variety of industries and verticals across the state of Colorado, from the San Luis Valley to the West Rim, ranging from software and transportation to e-commerce and outdoor recreation.

gBETA, a program by gener8tor, is a free seven-week accelerator that works with five companies simultaneously, with no fees or equity. Each cohort is scaled down to ensure meaningful engagement with the generator team, network, and other resources. Participants receive intensive, individualized coaching and have access to gener8tor’s nationwide network of mentors, clients, business partners and investors. The program also helps maximize investments in Colorado’s Opportunity Zones in partnership with OEDIT.

“We are thrilled to partner with gener8tor to help Colorado businesses attract investments that can have a transformative impact in opportunity areas across the state.” said Jack Tiebout, Opportunity Zone Program Manager at OEDIT.

The program is designed to help startups quickly attract customers to their product or idea, and establish metrics that can make them competitive candidates for full-time equity-based accelerators or seed investments.

The program started on January 6, 2022. Participating companies will meet mentors, gain popularity with customers and pitch to investors.

The program culminates on March 1, 2022 at the gBETA Opportunity Zone Capital Accelerator Pitch Night, spotlighting each of the five companies. The gBETA Opportunity Zone Capital Accelerator Pitch Night provides an opportunity for the public to listen and learn about companies, network with founders, and engage with other members of the community. Those wishing to attend can RSVP on the website. Applications for the second cohort will open in March.

The gBETA program in Colorado is supported by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade. To learn more, contact Vanessa Huerta, Director of the gBETA Opportunity Zone Capital Accelerator at [email protected] or visit the website.


Packraft Alluvia

Alluvia Packraft manufactures lightweight, packable inflatable boats for occasional paddlers who want to include water sports in their outdoor activities. 3% of profits go towards making the outdoors a more inclusive, diverse and safe space for everyone. Alluvia Packraft was incorporated in March 2021 and is based in an Opportunity Zone in Grand Junction, CO. Since its launch in September, Alluvia Packraft has reached over 3,300 social media accounts, received over 900 website visits and generated an initial revenue of $3. K+. | CEO: Mariana Cevallos | [email protected]

Osa Meal Logo

Oso Meals offers a brand of culturally diverse food and beverage products for the everyday adventurer. Current adventure dining brands do not meet the needs of a growing and diverse outdoor market. Meals today are bland, cheap, lack real flavor or spice, and are mostly Euro-centric recipes. Oso Meals provides more options and allows customers to take their favorite cultural meal wherever they want, making outdoor activities more enjoyable and enjoyable. Oso Meals meets the need for good, tasty and spicy food from diverse cultures in the backcountry. After a successful kickstarter campaign, Oso Meals generated over $21,000 in revenue in 45 days, pre-sold over 500 meals, and won third place in the 2021 Denver Startup Week BIPOC competition. | CEO: Dom Barrera | [email protected]

spin drift logo

SpinDrift Sandboard Rental is the premier place visitors can rent sandboards and sand sleds for use in the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. Sandboards and sand sleds are similar to snowboards or sleds that have been specifically designed to slide and carve through the sand. More than half a million visitors from all over Colorado and around the world come to this national park each year and SpinDrift’s shop is located directly across the road in rural Blanca, Colorado. SpinDrift Sandboards Rentals exceeded business forecasts for the rental business and plans to expand into the retail and manufacturing of sandboards and sand sleds. SpinDrift Sandboards strives to provide an exceptional customer experience and maintains a 5.0 score in customer reviews and generated over $95,000 in sales in 2021. | CEO: Amy Raney | [email protected]

Zombeez Logo

Zombeez designs and develops footwear created by frontline workers for frontline workers. Zombeez uses proprietary technology that provides 360 degree antimicrobial protection. In the United States, more than 30 million healthcare professionals and 2.2 million first responders could benefit from this product. Zombeez is a mission-driven company with high ethical standards. Zombeez has proven its product concept, secured its intellectual property, and secured hundreds of customer discovery interviews. | CEO: Pikul Abbey | [email protected]

Truck office logo

Truck Desk offers a compliance-as-a-service solution for the trucking industry. By using the Truck Desk platform, trucking companies can afford to stay compliant with federal and state regulations without the endless paperwork. According to the Department of Transportation, the average fine for trucking companies in 2021 was $6,621. Beyond fines, trucking companies can have their licenses revoked or even face jail time for serious violations. Truck Desk allows trucking companies to avoid these penalties for an affordable monthly subscription. The company has a growing waiting list of over 800 potential users and recently acquired its first paying customer, generating an initial MRR of $100. | CEO: Nosa Iyaré | [email protected]

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gener8tor’s turnkey platform for the creative economy connects startup founders, musicians, artists, investors, universities and businesses. The gener8tor platform includes pre-accelerators, accelerators, corporate programs, conferences, and fellowships.

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gBETA accelerates the growth of start-ups with its network-focused program. gBETA supports five teams per cohort and requires no fees or capital. Since its launch in 2015, gBETA alumni have raised more than $311 million in capital and created more than 2,800 jobs in the United States and Canada. For more gBETA stats, visit

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The Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) works with partners to create a positive business climate that encourages vibrant economic development and sustainable job growth. Under the leadership of Governor Jared Polis, we strive to advance the state’s economy through financial and technical assistance that promotes local and regional economic development activities throughout Colorado. OEDIT offers a host of programs and services tailored to support business development at all levels, including business retention services, business relocation services, and business financing and incentives. Our office includes the Global Business Development division; Colorado Office of Tourism; Colorado Bureau of Outdoor Recreation Industry; Colorado Creative Industries; Corporate Finance and Incentives Division; the Colorado Small Business Development Network; Cannabis Business Office; Colorado Bureau of Film, Television and Media; the Office of Minority Affairs; Employee Shareholding Office; and Office of Rural Opportunities. Learn more at

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