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Goldman Sachs Exceeds Expectations as Big Bank Earnings Seasons Advance | Robins Kaplan LLP

As the big banks’ earnings season rolls on, Goldman Sachs has emerged as an early winner. Even though profits had fallen “nearly 50% from a year ago, to just under $3 billion”, analysts had expected much worse. This outperformance and a ‘55% increase in second quarter revenue from the purchase and sale of bonds, currencies and commodities’ gave Goldman the top spot among rivals Morgan Stanley and Citigroup – NYTimes and Bloomberg and WSJ

Apple noted on Monday that it “will slow growth in hiring and spending next year in some divisions to address a potential economic slowdown,” though the cautious approach is not a company-wide strategy. company, and Cook & Co. “still plans an aggressive product launch schedule in 2023 that includes a mixed reality headset, its first major new category since 2015” – Bloomberg and MarketWatch

Still, traders unsurprisingly focused on the “economic downturn potential” part of Apple’s news and sank late in the day as news of Apple’s plans emerged – Bloomberg and MarketWatch

Because why not test those waters of nostalgia, Mattel announced it was “dusting off three dormant lines that haven’t been on toy shelves in decades: Major Matt Mason, Big Jim and Pulsar.” Mattel Intends To ‘Reintroduce’ The Lines At Comic-Con This Week As Part Of A ‘Back In Action’ Initiative – NYTimes

The Secretary of the Treasury’s hard-fought global tax deal in 130 countries (which aims to “break[] on companies that avoid taxes by shifting jobs and profits around the world”) may face its toughest challenge in its own backyard, now that W.Va. Sen. Joe Machin has “expressed deep concerns ‘about deal he’ ‘previously indicated he might support’ – NYTimes

The latest in the Twitter/Musk battle sees the former vigorously rebuffing the latter’s attempt to oppose his call for an expedited trial. Twitter’s lobbying for September trial dates, a lightning-fast timeline by almost any court metric – WSJ and Bloomberg and MarketWatch and Law360

Delta has honored Boeing with an order for 100 737Max jets, a shot in the arm for the struggling US aircraft maker which is still struggling to recover from the series of hurdles it has faced since two fatal crashes grounded all 737 Max models for years – WSJ and NYTimes

Chinese data authorities are set to fine ride-hailing company Didi Global more than $1 billion for alleged cybersecurity breaches. With the fine in place, the Chinese government should “loosen an earlier restriction prohibiting Didi from adding new users to its platform and allow the Beijing-based tech company’s mobile apps to be restored to retail stores. ‘national apps’ – WSJ

Worthy of interest Time article here on Amazon’s Andy Jassy, ​​Bezos’ successor “trying a different approach” to ‘Zon, both in dealing with DC and in running large swaths of the business that Bezos had largely delegated towards the end of his tenure – NYTimes

Credit Suisse to pay just under $20 million to FDIC to resolve ‘legal claims over allegedly toxic residential mortgage-backed securities sold to defunct Colonial Bank ahead of its 2009 failure’ – Law360

Catching up with the work of central bankers around the world as they, like the Fed, rapidly raise rates in an effort to curb ‘skyrocketing inflation’ – NYTime

Trainiacs is for you. Climb aboard the California Zephyr. The scenery and friendly banter are part of the ride – NYTimes

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