Halloween kills $ 50million slashed box office to open Friday

The horror sequel to Universal Halloween kills outperformed in its opening weekend, grossing around $ 50 million in three days. It’s the biggest debut of a movie that has also been released day and date in streaming during the pandemic period.

In the case of Halloween kills, director David Gordon GreenFollowing its massively successful reboot in 2018, the film was made available to subscribers of the Peacock streaming service at no additional cost. by marvel Black Widow does more during its opening weekend, but Disney was asking subscribers to fork out an access fee of $ 29.99 to watch the movie on Disney +.

Halloween kills was scheduled to open at around $ 30-40 million, which would have placed it behind the first film’s $ 76 million opening. Deadline reports that Universal spent more on marketing the sequel than it did on the premiere – less than $ 100 million, compared to the 2018 film’s $ 75.5 million.

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This is the third weekend in a row that all movies have made over $ 100 million combined. Thanks to Halloween killsstrong opening, and the $ 15 million and more than the two leftovers No time to die and Venom: let there be carnage in fact, the total transport for the weekend was $ 110 million.

Daniel craigThe latest James Bond film from James Bond is number two this weekend, with a second weekend of $ 24.4 million, after underperforming in its opening weekend. Internationally, however, the Cary Joji Fukunaga-the film produced is approaching $ 400 million; its national total is just below the $ 100 million mark. It was speculated that older audiences weren’t quite ready to step out just yet, and their absence impacted the opening of the film, which ranks fourth (out of five) among the Craig Bonds.

A similar argument can be made for the director Ridley scottthe historical epic of, The last duel, which is eyeing a $ 5 million opening after a $ 1.8 million debut on Friday. This puts the film – starring Jodie comer, Matt damon, Adam Pilot, and Ben affleck – in fifth place this weekend.

Venom 2, after its record-breaking $ 90 million opening weekend and a worrying second weekend drop, made around $ 16 million in its third weekend, for a running national total of $ 167 million . Realized by Andy Serkis and featuring Tom hardy As a Marvel anti-hero, the film faces a tall order if it is to hit the first film’s hefty $ 850 million worldwide payout. The two Venom 2 and No time to die will open in the growing Chinese market later this month.

Fourth place was claimed by another sequel, the animated film The Addams Family 2, which grossed $ 6.7 million this weekend for a national running total of just over $ 40 million. The Addams Family 2 is available to watch at home through on-demand retailers including Amazon, Redbox, AMC Theaters On Demand, and more. The first film, released in 2019, grossed over $ 200 million worldwide.

Next weekend all eyes will be on Denis Villeneuve‘s Dune, which carries a hefty price tag and the weight of the franchise’s future on its shoulders. The film arrives in the United States with more than $ 100 million in the bank already from international territories.

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