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How George Lucas’ original draft survives in The Phantom Menace

George Lucas’ original draft for The Star Wars came to life as a Dark Horse comic, and parts of that story set The Phantom Menace in place.

George Lucas’ Star wars the franchise was born when New hope launched in theaters in May 1977, but this original adventure was not the first form this far, far galaxy had taken in Lucas’ mind. He had played with his sci-fi universe for years before creating his film, and his original vision has continued into a short series of Dark Horse Comics: Star Wars.

This short comic book series was based on an earlier franchise manuscript, which features many Star wars pieces in place, but arranged differently and connected in unexpected ways. Star Wars, spanning just eight issues, told the story of one film and had clear parallels to the years 1999 The phantom menace. Perhaps Mr. Lucas returned to this prototype when creating the first installment of the previous trilogy.

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How Star Wars Looks Like The Phantom Menace

The general plot and setting of Star Wars can feel like a hybrid of The phantom menace and New hope, but it seems to be getting closer to The phantom menace, especially if it is condensed into an elevator pitch. The story revolves mainly around the peaceful Aquilae plant, which is home to unique and advanced cloning technology that the Empire is seeking. The Empire sends its forces to invade and capture Aquilae, and the planet’s few defenders are quickly overwhelmed, even with tough General Luke Skywalker leading the defense. Skywalker flees the planet with a handful of allies, such as Kane Starkiller and his son Annikin, and they find themselves on a forest planet where the native Wookiees volunteer as allies. The Wookiees help the defenders of Aquilae launch a counterattack against the forces of the Empire in Aquilae’s orbit, the Imperial battle station is destroyed, and Aquilae is finally free.

This plot has a “destroy the death star” sequence like New hope, but the saga of saving an innocent planet from a superior invading force is more akin to the Trade Federation’s invasion of Naboo, and the development of the aid enlistment of the primitive Wookiees is a a clear precursor to Padme Amidala who recruited the Gungan army to help keep the Federation out of commerce. forces occupied during the final battle. Another similarity is the plot of fleeing the invaded planet after the original battle is lost, and dragging the queen out of the world to find help elsewhere.

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How Star Wars Influenced Other Movies and Games

star wars starkiller family

Dark horses Star Wars also shares plot threads and scenes with multiple guns Star wars characteristics, mainly episodes I and IV. All three stories feature a wise and experienced Jedi mentor who gives his life for the sake of a young apprentice: Kane Starkiller in Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi in Hope and Qui-Gon Jinn in Threatens. All three films feature a final space battle against the enemy battle station, and in every fight it’s not a fleet that saves the day, but a single fighter pilot with incredible luck and skill. Each film also features a brave heroine, and among these three, Padme needs the help of her allies the least, while HopePrincess Leia needed to be rescued aboard the Death Star, and Star Wars Princess Leia’s version is also captured and saved.

Star Wars has a few visual patterns and names that would inspire material later in the Star wars franchise, like the name Annikin Starkiller, which clearly lent itself to Anakin Skywalker and the Apprentice Starkiller found in Force unleashed. In the beginning Star Wars, two Aquilae farmers are seen in a vehicle resembling an AAT battle tank, although this connection may be present in the past, rather than the past to the present.

This comic book series also features a Sith Lord named Valorum, a masked swordsman who switches sides to betray Darth Vader in the final issue. In The phantom menace, the current Chancellor of the Republic is a certain Finis Valorum, until he is replaced by Sheev Palpatine halfway through the film. Prince Valorum bears little resemblance to Finis Valorum and instead possesses elements of Darth Vader.

Finally, a first scene from Star Wars depicts C-3PO and R2-D2 fleeing the Imperial Battle Station when he suffered damage in the first space battle, and as they set off aboard an escape pod, C-3PO notes that the damage do not seem so serious from his point of view. This clearly inspired C-3PO’s similar line on the Tantiv IV in the opening battle of New hope.

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