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How to buy Google and Apple stocks in India


The US stock markets, especially the big tech giants or FAANG stocks, namely Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google, have sparked the interest of Indian investors as they come forward to seize investment opportunities. investment beyond national markets. In view of the increased interest, many online investment platforms have started offering integrated platforms for domestic and global stocks, mutual funds that allow trading of stocks and ETFs listed on major stock markets. Americans.

Platforms that offer to invest in the US stock markets

Stockal is well known for allowing investors from India and the Middle East to invest in companies listed in the United States. The global investment platform also has links with many Indian digital stock brokerage and mutual fund platforms to offer such services.

Recently, the digital wealth management service, Scripbox, which already offers mutual funds based on US stocks on its platform, announced that it allows direct investment in US stocks on its platform in partnership with Stockal. The new service allows users to invest in stocks of leading global companies listed on US stock exchanges, as well as exchange-traded index funds (ETFs).

Last year, securities firm Emkay Global Financial Services also partnered with Stockal to help clients invest in stocks and securities listed in the United States.

Fintech Cube Wealth and Stockal also formed a similar partnership in November 2019. In addition, the online mutual fund and brokerage platform Kuvera, in agreement with the financial advisor registered with the US SEC, Vested, offers such services on its application.

International / global mutual funds are also a popular source for investors to gain exposure to foreign companies and economies, as they invest in stocks, equity-related instruments and debt securities of listed entities outside. from India that many Indian Asset Management Companies (AMCs) offer. Some global funds invest in national and international markets, some in certain themes, while others are fund of funds (FoF) in this category.

Under the Reserve Bank of India’s Liberalized Remittance Program (LRS), Indians can invest up to $ 250,000 in global stocks and bonds in one year.

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