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How to Get Precursor Weapons in Guild Wars 2

There are several tiers of weapons when it comes to Guild Wars 2. At first, players start out with the most basic gear, and by the time you hit level 80, you’ll have amassed quite a collection to work with. The highest level of all weapons and armor in Guild Wars 2 is Legendary. This tier allows players to use flashy skinned weapons and armor which grants the highest level of stats and is shared across the account. Another added benefit of Legendary Weapons and Armor is that their stats are never set in stone, which means that as long as you have the required runes and seals, you will be able to switch roles as needed. This, of course, is super useful in Raids and Fractals of the Mists, where often players need to be able to change to fit the needs of the party.

Of course, these valuables aren’t easy to come by, so there are a few tricks to getting the coveted endgame gear. While the wealthiest players in the game can simply purchase their legendaries from the Black Lion counter, they often exceed 1000 gold per weapon and the armor is not for sale.

Precursor Weapons

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Precursors are exotic or high tier weapons that players can use to craft legendary weapons. There are several ways to get them, such as:

  • Drops: Precursors can only be obtained as loot once players have reached level 62 and finished. The higher your level, the more likely you are to receive a drop of booty, coffers, containers, reward chests, etc. However, the chances of getting them are still quite low. The most likely source of obtaining a precursor is from Bonus chests obtained from various World Boss Events.
  • mystical forge: A Precursor can be obtained by combining Exotic level equipment in the Mystical Forge, located in Lion’s Arch. You will need to make sure that the four weapons you combine are, first, same typeand on the other hand, have a average level over 75 years old. You will only be able to get one precursor of the weapon you combine in the forge, so combining four daggers can only grant you one dagger precursor. The chance of obtaining a Precursor is still exceptional lowonly about 0.79% every 2901 attempts.


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The Heart of Thorns expansion has added the ability to create your Precursors through ccollect-based scavenger hunts. You will need to get Mastery points which are valid only in the Central Tyria region to unlock crafting levels. Once you have crafted these Precursors, you will not be able to trade them, and they are not available through drop, and collection-based Precursors can only be crafted once per account.

You will need to speak to Grand Master Craftsman Hobbs in lions arch to unlock collection levels. You can find it in the central craft area from the menu.