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Indonesia’s optimistic G20 Sherpa meeting produces leader’s statement

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Indonesian government has expressed optimism that the fourth G20 The Sherpa meeting taking place November 11-14 in Bali will agree on the leader’s statement.

The meeting is also the last meeting of the Group of 20 (G20) Sherpas ahead of the G20 Leaders’ Summit under Indonesia’s G20 Presidency.

“Sherpas from all countries have agreed to endorse an exit document or what we often call the leader’s statement, especially for the Indonesian G20 summit in 2022. That’s the main goal. That’s always ongoing, we are still struggling,” Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Coordination Susiwijono Moegiarso said in a statement issued by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics and received on Sunday.

The Leaders’ Statement is a commitment by G20 leaders to make joint efforts for economic and health recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moegiarso explained that the meeting – which has been taking place over the past few days – has been very dynamic, with all participants expressing their commitment while adjusting their respective interests, especially due to the current geopolitical constellation.

On this occasion, Indonesia also facilitated Sherpa representatives from each country for continuous communication, both formally and informally.

“Looking at recent developments up to this afternoon, we are optimistic that an exit document can be produced when Indonesia assumes the presidency in 2022. We still have time before the summit. it will meet our expectations,” said Moegiarso, who is also chairman of the joint secretariat of the Sherpa track and the financial track of the Indonesian G20 Presidency.

He mentioned two important points during the fourth meeting of the G20 Sherpas.
First, all Sherpa representatives attended the meeting in person in Indonesia. Second, all Sherpas demonstrated strong engagement amid the dynamics and differences to produce a common agreement.

He added that the Indonesian G20 Presidency meetings in 2022 are supposed to be different from previous G20 meetings.

“The most obvious difference is that in all discussions, we want the G20 forum, as the premier economic and financial forum, to actually produce documents that bring real benefits, both to our national interest and to solutions to future dynamic challenges,” he noted.

Therefore, he continued, as originally planned, Sherpa meetings and discussions would result in an appendix called concrete deliverables.

“Concrete deliverables will be labeled, probably it will be technical. Like basket 1, basket 2. Basket 1 is a multilateral project, the other is bilateral,” he explained.

He further explained that the results of the discussion will become a document attached to the leader’s statement. It contains about 226 projects and initiatives, of which 115 are related to the priority issues of the Indonesian Presidency in 2022.

“Global health architecture, digital-based economic transformation, energy transition and food security issues. This is what we have designed for a concrete initiative project, especially to help solve various global crises such as the crises food, energy and finance,” said Moegiarso. .

However, he said not all representatives were able to provide the details as the subsequent decision is currently becoming a very strategic discussion. In this regard, each Sherpa remains in constant communication with his leader.

Besides continuing the tradition of all previous G20 meetings, Moegiarso argued that the leader’s statement will set a good precedent for the upcoming summit during India’s G20 Presidency next year.

Indonesia’s Sherpa Trail G20 The presidency comprises 12 working groups and 10 engagement groups.


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