Trade Wars

Jedi Starfighter is Schrödinger’s cat from Star Wars

When you reset a timeline, there are always things that get caught up in the shuffle, whether it’s characters or certain plot beats. It’s rare that you have almost an entire game tangled between two different storylines, as is the case with 2002. Star Wars: Jedi Hunter. But hey, it’s Disney’s acquisition of star wars – we are all trying to make sense of it!

At least there’s one thing that seemingly everyone can agree on: the Nym pirate is too badass to be decanonized. The pirate Feeorin is a rare heroic example of a people scattered to the winds, equal parts barbarian scoundrel and man of the people. Or Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and attack of the clones gave us Politicians and Jedi too heavy, Nym cuts to the heart of the matter with a scattergun blast.

The ambitious pirate-turned-Resistance hero isn’t a guy most would consider to be on the side of the angels. By nature, towering, ornate head-tail Feeorins are traditionally quite selfish, brash, and arrogant. If the Twi’leks are elves, then the Feeorin are dark elves, with similar tailcoats but a more brutal appearance. To date, only one Jedi Feeorin is known, and his ego led to his defeat at the hands of Jedi padawan Zayne Carrick.

The fate of the Feeorin people is not unlike that of the Mandalorians, with their homeworld rendered uninhabitable. Many of their colonial ships were unsuccessful, but their sensitivity to “survival of the fittest” allowed the species to survive into the Galactic Civil War four millennia later. This brings us back to Nym, one of the most prominent Feeorin pirates during Palpatine’s rise.

Unlike many pirates of its day, Nym’s Lok Revenant fleet prioritized corporate targets and rival gangs over civilian targets. Over the original Star Wars: Star Chaser, Nym’s forces suffered greatly from the backlash inflicted by the Trade Federation. This inspired him to lay siege to many droid foundries in a rather noble turn. It was partly because of Nym and his allies in the Naboo Resistance that the Federation had to move its production facilities to Geonosis, decimating any reserve forces the Federation could rely on.

His grudging heroism made him an enemy of the growing Confederacy movement, as well as a potential asset to the Jedi Order. Starting with comics Starfighter: Crossbones and continue in Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, Nym would play a much larger role in the Clone Wars than anyone had anticipated.

At the time, Master Adi Gallia was sent to attempt to make contact with Nym’s forces to investigate a seemingly unrelated threat. In the years between the Battle of Naboo and the months leading up to the Battle of Geonosis, the Revenants of Lok had grown from a band of pirates into a resistance movement against the Federation. They proved an incredibly necessary defense for the citizens, which amply fed the group of Sabaoth mercenaries operating under Count Dooku and the Trade Federation.

Although the former Revenant base was occupied by the Federation and many members of their resistance were arrested, Nym and Master Gallia were able to restore the Revenants to full strength through strategic strikes. The two led a desperate defense through the Karthakk system as the Confederacy launched terrorist attacks as field tests for advanced weaponry that could have won the war for the Separatist Alliance. In the end, it was only with the timely arrival of Lok’s forces above Geonosis that the vanguard of the Grand Army of the Republic was able to arrive without interference.

The increased importance of Nym in Star Wars: Jedi Hunter neither is it a coincidence or a purely narrative necessity. Between Haden Blackman’s excellent writing of Nym in multiple comics and the late Charles Rocket’s iconic performance, the pirate has won over a fan base amidst a strong acting cast. Rocket brought an intimidating badass biker energy that was equally inspiring and scary.

Although a cinematic flair is not unusual for star wars games, it’s impressive how much storytelling holds in this dogfighting duology. Where most CGI cutscenes were generally stiff and lifeless or hilarious, both Starfighter the games boast incredibly high production values. Missions feature little narrative branches based on your performance, making you feel every little win or loss on your way to victory.

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Jedi Hunter in particular connects directly with the larger barrel. Good old A’Sharad Hett appeared in the final battle above Geonosis, as did Siri Tachi, Ferus Olin’s Jedi Master. In a bonus mission, one of the originals Starfighter the protagonists even get caught in the crosshairs of Jango Fett, explaining what the Mandalorian bounty hunter was up to while his associate Zam Wesell tried to assassinate Padme Amidala.

the Starfighter the series’ legacy has endured for a long time, with the Lok Revenant base included as a special location you can visit in the MMO Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. All these years later, Nym had gone from stirring up trouble with the Separatists and the Federation to earning the wrath of the Galactic Empire. The series, and its surprise MVP, has clearly left a mark on fans, with Nym’s popularity warranting an official miniature, her inclusion in multiple source books, and her ship being included in the Star Wars: Armada board game.

With the Starfighter being a longtime favorite, especially its main cast, it was inevitable that Disney would re-release the games for modern hardware. Much less expected is the re-canonicalization of Nym and his pirates, not only in their old role, but even vaguely in the same events seen in Star Wars: Jedi Hunter. While obviously Disney was hesitant to canonize the game itself, the Collapse of the Republic The sourcebook for the roleplaying game directly mentions Adi Gallia and the Lok Revenants working together against the Separatists. They may leave out the specifics, but again, the infamous hacker wins in the long run.