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Laxalt’s Jedi Mental Trick Won’t Work on Nevada Voters | STEVE SEBELIUS

Luke Skywalker isn’t the first person in the movies I imagine when I think of Adam Laxalt. But the former attorney general and future US senator certainly seems to think of himself that way.

In his announcement video, Laxalt announced that his family had watched all nine “Star Wars” movies – twice! And although the events happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Laxalt draws comparisons to modern America.

In his story, the “radical left, the wealthy elites, work companies, universities, Hollywood and the media” “are taking over America. It’s your Empire right there. Laxalt added: “It will not be an easy battle. We are David, they are Goliath. We are the Rebels, they are the Empire.

Like Laxalt’s family, I’ve spent time watching the “Star Wars” movies (there are actually 11), not to mention “Clone Wars”, “Rebels”, “Bad Batch” and even “Resistance” “. I think I know a thing or two about them. And I have to dispute the Laxalt analogy.

First of all, while there are plenty of wicked Twitter villains out there who would like to impose an authoritarian cancellation on those who fail to meet their ever-changing standard of progressive thinking, comparisons to the Empire are easy.

The Empire was a military occupation of almost an entire galaxy (the Outer Rim and the Unknown Regions remained relatively free from Imperial rule). In fact, they shot people who didn’t want to bow to them; all the Twitter Keyboard Warriors can do is shout at them. It doesn’t sting like a blaster.

Second, remember how the Empire was born: a single, powerful Sith Lord was elected to the Galactic Senate, amplified a regional trade conflict into all-out war, accumulated emergency powers, built an army of clones and a huge fleet of stars and became supreme ruler. When the emperor came to view the Senate as an obstacle, he dissolved it, hoping that fear would keep the local systems in order.

Ask yourself: does this sound like poor Joe Biden? He can barely get a bill passed in the US Senate and he will not even approve of dissolving the filibuster. And I believe it was former President Donald Trump, not Biden, who wanted to send troops to quell rebel protests in American cities.

I’m not saying Trump is akin to Emperor Palpatine. After all, Palpatine was an effective, strong ruler on the dark side of the Force. He didn’t need to throw crazy rants on Twitter, and when he did speak, it made sense.

Third, the Empire was an authoritarian hierarchy, where orders were to be undoubtedly obeyed and disloyalty was punished with death. What is the price of disloyalty to Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Sufficient Liberal Mocking Tweets? There is no Dark Lord who waits to use the Force to quell moderates like Joe Manchin or Kyrsten Sinema when they refuse to vote for the liberal agenda.

But what happens when a Republican crosses paths with future Emperor Trump? The political equivalent of being fed a sarlacc.

It’s worth considering that the Black Lives Matter protesters (who appear onscreen right after Laxalt utters the words “it looks like the bad side wins”) have taken to the streets because she’s the only one. way their message can be heard. Well, it’s almost like they’re rebelling against an oppressive order.

(And don’t accuse me of tolerating violence or property damage during protests; I think violent vandals should go to jail. But to extend the Laxaltian analogy, the rebels made detonate the Death Star – twice! – which was quite a violent act of vandalism.)

Laxalt is right about one thing: his battle will not be easy. Not because Chuck Schumer is a Sith Lord, or that Catherine Cortez Masto wields a double-bladed lightsaber. These are the numbers: there are more than 82,000 registered Democrats active than there are Republicans in Nevada. Laxalt won his sole term by a margin of just 4,750 votes (out of more than 544,000 votes cast statewide).

In contrast, Cortez Masto won his attorney general’s office elections in 2006 and 2010 by over 130,000 and 120,000 votes respectively, the highest margin of victory of any state official in those years. And she won the election to her Senate seat in 2016 by nearly 27,000 votes statewide. (This margin came exclusively to the south; it lost all counties except Clark.)

Whether the Force will be with young Laxalt in 2022 remains to be seen, but one thing is clear at the moment: He is not a Jedi yet.

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