Trade Wars

Midlands Business Insider July 2022

“I will attack! »

Rising insolvencies, soaring energy costs, chronic skills issues, chip shortages, crisis in Ukraine, trade wars with the EU and runaway inflation. The situation seems perfect: it’s time to move on.

It would be easy to get discouraged by the news circulating about the economy, but almost every business leader I talk to refuses to be put down. On the contrary, their attitude ranges from “to hell with the gloom, we’ll continue” to near-euphoria about the opportunities ahead.

Everything that is to come is temporary and cannot be as difficult as what has been thrown at us over the past two or three years. The economy may be entering a period of turbulence, but at least there is an economy in which to trade.

If there’s one thing business leaders have learned lately, it’s the power of resilience, and many have wisely saved up funds large enough not only to carry them out, but also to invest in them. new emerging opportunities.

This month’s Corporate Finance Guide, Residential Property Awards and Made in the Midlands show trading, property and manufacturing had a good year, much better than many of us expected , and that forward inertia will allow them to overcome short-term problems.

We must also be aware of the enormous opportunities available to those who choose to take them. The space sector in the Midlands is a great example of an industry that is growing at a breakneck pace, while development opportunities on brownfield sites are increasing.

In the first months of the First World War, French Marshal Ferdinand Foch found himself in a perilous situation. His answer ? “My center bends, my right recedes; excellent location. I will attack! Foch then led the Allied forces to victory. This is the attitude we need right now.

Kurt Jacobs, editor