Domestic Bonds

National institutions turn bullish amid weak feelings

Domestic institutions were seen as bullish amid weak sentiments from the Qatar Stock Exchange, which stabilized below 10,800 levels this week.
Despite significantly weakened net sales from local retail investors, the Qatar 20-stock index reached 159 points or 1.23% this week, allowing QNB to close the syndication of its senior non-senior term loan facility. three-year guarantee of 1.75 billion euros.
More than 85% of the components traded were in the red this week, which allowed Milaha to explore the option of launching logistics services in Georgia.
Industrial and real estate outlets have seen above-average selling pressure this week, which saw commercial banks in Doha register more than 10% year-on-year growth in their total assets to QR 1.79 billion in October. 2021.
Foreign institutions were seen as net profit takers this week, allowing the port of Doha, Qatar’s gateway for maritime tourism, to wait for up to 86 cruises during the season. cruise 2021-22 which will run until the end of April 2022.
Arab individuals were also net sellers this week, which saw a total of 111,346 QATR exchange-traded funds sponsored by Masraf Al Rayan, valued at QR 289,789, change hands in 26 transactions.
Gulf institutions have been increasingly net profit takers this week, with a total of 200,205 Bank of Doha sponsored QETFs valued at QR 2.3 million across 28 transactions.
Foreign individuals, however, were increasingly inclined to buy net this week, which saw a total of 112,500 sovereign bonds valued at QRF 1.13 billion change hands in two deals.
Market capitalization has seen an erosion of over QR 10 billion or 1.46% to QR 679.91 billion, mostly in large and mid-cap segments this week, which saw the industrial and banking sectors together make up about 64% of the total volume of trade.
The Total Return Index fell 1.33%, the All Share Index 1.29% and the All Islamic Index 1.46% this week, which saw overall trade volume and value. to lower.
The industrial sector index fell 2.14%, real estate (1.26%), banking and financial services (1.22%), consumer goods and services (1.1%), telecommunications (1.03%) and transport (0.08%); while insurance gained 0.16% this week which saw no T-bill trading.
The main agitators in the main market included Mesaieed Petrochemical Holding, Investment Holding Group, Qatari Investors Group, Vodafone Qatar, Al Khaleej Takaful, QNB, Doha Bank, Masraf Al Rayan, QIIB, Alijarah Holding, Qatari German Medical Devices, Industries Qatar, Qamco , Aamal Company, Ezdan and Mazaya Qatar. In the venture market, Mekdam Holding saw its share depreciate.
Nevertheless, Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance, Ahlibank Qatar, Milaha, Qatar Cinema and Film Distribution and Commercial Bank were among the winners in the main market. In the venture capital market, shares of Al Faleh Educational Holding made gains.
On the main market, the industrial sector represented 37% of the total volume of trade, banking and financial services (27%), consumer goods and services (18%), real estate (11%), transport ( 3%), telecommunications (2%) and insurance (1%) this week.
In terms of value, the share of the banking and financial services sector was 48%, manufacturers (27%), consumer goods and services (10%), real estate (6%), transport (5 %), telecoms (3%) and insurance (1%) this week.
Foreign institutions turned net sellers of QR 23.95 million against net buyers of QR 327.8 million in the week ended November 18.
Net sales of Gulf institutions increased significantly to QR 14.8 million from QR 1.92 million the week before.
Arab individuals were net sellers of QR 12.83 million against net buyers of QR 5.14 million a week ago.
Net purchases by individuals in the Gulf fell significantly to QR 0.05 million from QR 1.12 million in the week ended November 18.
However, domestic funds became net buyers to the tune of QR 113.17 million against net sellers of QR 68.09 million the previous week.
Net purchases by foreign individuals strengthened significantly to 4.93 million QR against 1.25 million QR a week ago.
Arab funds were considered net buyers of QR 0.03 million against net sellers of QR 0.02 million in the week ended November 18.
Net sales of local retail investors fell to QR 66.62 million from QR 265.26 million the week before.
Total main market trading volume fell 15% to 497.14 million shares, value 18% to QR 1.47 billion, and trades 10% to 36,346.
The transport sector’s trade volume plunged 40% to 14.48 million shares, 47% in value to QR 68.27 million and transactions 45% to 1,514.
Insurance sector trade volume fell 29% to 4.11 million shares, value 34% to QR12.87 million, and trades 31% to 394.
The market saw a 19% contraction in industrial sector trade volume to 183.9 million shares, 15% in value at QR402.77n and 8% in trades to 9,680.
Real estate trade volume fell 15% to 56.82 million shares, value 18% to QR 87.98 million, and transactions 8% to 2,342.
The telecommunications sector reported an 11% drop in trade volume to 11.9 million shares, while value rose 5% to QR46.19n and trades 2% to 2,642.
The volume of trade in the consumer goods and services sector decreased by 8% to 91.77 million shares, the value by 31% to QR144.11 million and transactions by 23% to 3,658.
The banking and financial services sector recorded an 8% contraction in trading volume to 134.15 million shares, 13% in value to QR 711.86 million and 3% in transactions to 16,196.
In the venture capital market, volumes increased by 28.26% to reach 0.79 million shares and the value by 16.69% to reach QR 4.24 billion; even as trades slipped less than 1% to 222.