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ProfitFarmers revives free trading signals ahead of “another boom” for Bitcoin

Their system creates a signal, then users copy the signal, adjust their plan, and activate trading features such as a stop-loss breakeven point. The system then does the rest.

ProfitFarmers has relaunched its suite of tools under the name Moonbag as the Bulgaria-based semi-automated crypto trading platform aims to help busy traders, part-time investors and anyone else currently involved in crypto- currency to optimize their trading experience and maximize profits.

Moonbag offers computer-generated trade ideas, market scanners, expert updates, and trader education. Managing Director Matthew Tansley thinks his company’s free package really benefits traders everywhere, regardless of their trading goals.

The free package was first launched in 2021 and thousands of crypto traders have signed up to get these free trading ideas and tools. Many traders have become full members of the platform.

Now that Bitcoin is above $40,000, the folks at ProfitFarmers believe another boom is imminent and so they have decided to re-run Moonbag for another run for a limited time.

ProfitFarmers described the contents of the free package, which includes:

Comprehensive trading plans: Signals including entry zones, take profit targets, stop-loss and leverage.
Market Analysis and Forecasts: The ProfitFarmers team analyzes the crypto market and informs you of useful trends and strategies. A recent opinion predicted a massive spike in MIR, a cryptocurrency, days before it would happen.
Price Scanners: Traders use price action and relative strength index scanners to see market behavior at a glance and make more informed trading decisions. These are available for free.
Advanced Education: Free training videos, live trading sessions, and more, including a strategy that helped one member earn 60% in just a few hours.

Matthew Tansley, CEO of ProfitFarmers, said: “We founded ProfitFarmers with the idea of ​​bringing traders back to life. No price alarm. Not sitting in front of the screen all day. No emotional roller coaster. Our platform automates almost all time-consuming trading tasks, including researching, planning, and tracking trades. Now, with the free Moonbag, we can save traders hours and hours AND improve their strike rate, helping them live a better life without the emotional roller coaster of crypto trading.

“Crypto is not only confusing, it’s intimidating. Not just for beginners, but for everyone. The whole idea of ​​the Moonbag is to help stressed, confused or scared traders by giving them a data-driven trading plan, helpful expert advice and advanced market intelligence tools for research and planning. easier jobs. This free plan includes everything you need to go from losing trades and stress to winning and enjoying life.

“We want to both give traders a fish AND teach them how to fish – so to speak,” he continued. “We will literally put high probability trading ideas in your hands, and while your trades are live, you can learn advanced trading techniques from our videos, webinars and live sessions. This way you can start making your own trade ideas or refine the ones our algorithm creates. It really is the best of both worlds. If you are a new trader, you get everything you need to start making real profits. If you’re already trading, you get everything you need to take it to the next level. It’s so simple.”

The Moonbag’s core offering is ProfitFarmer’s AI-generated trading signals with a historic win rate of 78% on completed signals, the company said.

The company does not have a “VIP” signal group. This means that free Moonbag subscribers receive the same quality signals as actual paid members of the platform.

ProfitFarmers is a semi-automated trading platform that combines high win rate signals with copy trading and advanced trading tools to automate trading tasks.

Their system creates a signal, then users copy the signal, adjust their plan, and activate trading features such as a stop-loss breakeven point. The system then does the rest.