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I wanted to make the readers of the Winston-Salem Journal aware of the generosity of the Community Care Center of Winston-Salem and its willingness to respond to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

On March 11, Ukrainian community volunteers collected seven boxes of urgently needed surgical supplies from the community care center. These boxes were transported to the New Jersey facilities of MEEST, a transport and logistics company with many years of experience in transport to Ukraine, and were to be delivered by air freight to Warsaw. The transport of these supplies to their final destination in Ukraine will be carried out by train or van to medical institutions in the most needy areas.

The Ukrainian Association of North Carolina is deeply grateful for the generosity and support of the brave people of Winston-Salem.

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Highest score

Watching Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearings, I felt a sense of dismay as she seemed, from time to time, tossed about by questions from Republicans like the senses. Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and Marsha Blackburn. But then I remembered she didn’t speak Fox News.

I would not say that those senators necessarily tried to catch her off guard.

Well, actually, they probably did.

But they managed to confuse her because they threw conspiracy and culture war-tinged questions at her about critical race theory and gender roles that judges, living in the real world, probably don’t have. to deal with unless they appear in court. The only reason I had any idea what they were talking about is because I have to study them for self-defense from conservative extremists.

Everything indicates that Jackson would do a great job. It received the highest rating from the American Bar Association, which certainly knows more about these things than I do. Or Cruz. Or Graham. Or Blackburn.

phenomenal asset

Katie Meyer was undoubtedly a phenomenal asset to the Stanford football team. She became well known for her leadership as captain, her success between the goal posts, and her uplifting victory celebrations that followed. She was a shining part of the 2019 NCAA College Cup Championship. Meyer was also an exceptional student with a desire for perfection.

Above the stat sheet and her on-field personality, Meyer was a student, like me, struggling with self-esteem and the unrealistic goal of perfection. This adds to the layer of stress that comes with being a college student-athlete can be suffocating.

Most of the news articles, including that of the Journal (“Sheriff’s Office: Stanford goalie Meyer death rule suicide”, March 4,, have focused on Meyer’s cause of death and his athletic successes during his life. Few choose to elaborate on the factors that contributed to his tragic death. There needs to be a direct discussion about the mental health of student-athletes. Too many students find their worth in their sport or their grades. It is crucial to address the subject of mental health in athletes to avoid the consequences of not receiving help.

According to the University of Michigan Counseling Services, “suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students” ( Before becoming an extraordinary student and athlete, Katie Meyer was a person. It’s time to come clean about the stress and mental struggles that are so prevalent among student-athletes.


Democrats and a good number of Republicans resented former President Trump because of his flawed character, exemplified by his self-aggrandizing statements, racist statements, and tolerance of violent white supremacists like the Proud Boys because ” they like me,” his embrace of evil dictators and seemingly eager to be one himself, his divisive culture wars and the trade war he started with China, which have seriously harmed our farmers.

Many Republicans are unhappy with President Biden because they have to pay more for gas.

Yes, yes, I see the comparison. What a test.