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Schilling, Bonds and Clemens fail at HOF Baseball in 2021

Curt Schilling, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were among the closest to being elected, but fell short of the 75% needed for induction.

NEW YORK – The Baseball Hall of Fame will have no new players in the Class of 2021 after voters decide no one has merit – on or off the field – of being entered in Cooperstown during the this year’s poll.

Curt Schilling, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were closest in the Baseball Writers’ Association of America membership vote released on Tuesday, and the trio will have one more chance of being elected next year. This is the first time that the BBWAA has not chosen anyone since 2013.

Schilling, a right-handed ace who won three World Series titles, finished with 16 votes below the 75% threshold needed for consecration. He got 71.1% percent this time after getting 20 votes below 70% last year.

Schilling’s accomplishments in the field are little disputed, but he ostracized himself in retirement by making hateful remarks at Muslims, transgender people, journalists and others.

“Everything is fine, the game owes me nothing,” Schilling said during a live video stream on his Twitter account. He later wrote on Facebook that he asked the Hall of Fame to remove his name from the ballot.

Bonds (61.8%) and Clemens (61.6%) joined Schilling in missing on their ninth try. The two face strong suspicions of PEDs, but Bonds has also been accused of domestic violence and Clemens has been in a ten-year relationship with a singer who was 15 when they met.

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Schilling, Clemens and Bonds will be joined in next year’s poll by hitters Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz. Rodriguez was suspended for the entire 2014 season for violating MLB PED policy and the collective agreement, and Ortiz’s name was reportedly on a list of players who tested positive in 2003.

Omar Vizquel, 11-time Gold Glove winner, fell from 52.6% last year to 49.1% after his wife accused him of repeated domestic violence in December. Braves star Andruw Jones, arrested in 2012 for domestic violence, got 33.9% in his fourth year. Rockies hitter Todd Helton, who pleaded guilty to drunk driving and was sentenced to two days in jail last year, got 44.9% for his third time on the ballot.

Some players also missed the old-fashioned baseball disagreements. Smooth-field third baseman Scott Rolen fell from 35.3% to 52.9% and closest Billy Wagner from 31.7% to 46.4%.

This is the ninth time that the BBWAA has not elected a Hall member and only the third time since 1971. With Hall of Fame-era committees postponing their scheduled elections to the next offseason due to the pandemic, it there will be no Hall class of 2021.

Cooperstown will not be without a celebration next summer, however. After the 2020 ceremony in the village of upstate New York was canceled due to the pandemic, Yankee great Derek Jeter and Five Tools star Larry Walker will take center stage on July 25, a year later than expected. They will be honored alongside wide receiver Ted Simmons and late players’ association chief Marvin Miller.

BBWAA members are instructed to elect room members “based on the player’s record, playing ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character and contributions to the team. or to the teams in which the player has played “.

At a time when social justice movements are pushing for broader consideration of sexual misconduct and racial inequalities, character assessment played a disproportionate role in this electoral cycle. While Hall inductees already include racists, cheaters, womanizers and criminals, the current voting bloc has – narrowly, in many cases – taken a stand against candidates they believe have insufficient integrity. .

Schilling – six times All-Star in 20 seasons with Baltimore, Houston, Philadelphia, Arizona and Boston – has been embroiled in controversy throughout his retirement.

He started a video game company, 38 Studios, which went bankrupt shortly after receiving a $ 75 million loan guarantee from Rhode Island, then was fired as an ESPN analyst after sending tweets. comparing Muslim extremists to Nazi-era Germans and posting derogatory comments on Facebook. transgender people.

Months later, Schilling came under fire again after using social media to applaud a T-shirt calling for the lynching of journalists.

On January 6, the day of the attack on the U.S. Capitol, he said the following in a post to his Twitter account:

“You cowards sitting on your hands, did nothing while liberal trash looted and burned for Air Jordan and the big screens, sit down … and watch people start a showdown for (expletive) that counts as rights, democracy and the end of government corruption.

This tweet was sent a few days after the Hall of Fame ballot deadline.

Schilling wrote on Facebook that he would like the veterans committee to review his Hall case. This panel – made up of former players, managers and other players in the game, as well as a few writers – is responsible for evaluating players who are not elected via the BBWAA vote.

“I’m in the hands of the veterans committee and the men whose opinions really matter and who are able to judge a player,” Schilling wrote. “I don’t think I’m a hall of fame like I’ve said many times, but if any former players think I am, I will accept it with honor.

“In my heart I am at peace,” he also wrote. “Nothing, zero, none of the claims made by any of the writers has merit.”

Bonds’ ex-wife testified in 1995 in divorce proceedings that he beat and kicked her. Bonds said he had never physically assaulted her, but had once hit her after she hit him.

In 2008, the New York Daily News reported that Clemens had a ten-year relationship with country singer Mindy McCready which started when she was 15 and was a star of the Boston Red Sox. Clemens has apologized for unspecified mistakes in his personal life and has denied having an affair with a 15-year-old. McCready later told “Inside Edition” that she met Clemens when she was 16 and the relationship didn’t turn sexual until several years later.

The BBWAA recently voted overwhelmingly to remove the name and imprint of former Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis from MVP plaques. Landis became commissioner in 1920, and there were no black players in the majors for more than two decades in his charge.

Later in the ballot, outfielder Gary Sheffield went from 30.5% to 40.6% in his seventh time on the ballot and Jeff Kent went from 27.5% to 32.4% during his eigth year. First-time candidate Tim Hudson (5.2%) narrowly exceeded the 5% needed to stay on the ballot, as did Torii Hunter (9.5%) and Mark Buehrle (11%) in their first rounds.

Aramis Ramirez, LaTroy Hawkins and Barry Zito secured votes but were knocked out of future consideration.

The 2022 ballot will also feature Phillies stars Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard, slugger Mark Teixeira and two-time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum.