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Sena calls Prime Minister Modi irresponsible for wandering atop G-20 without a mask amid spread of COVID

Commenting on PM Modi’s tour to the G-20 summit and the meetings taking place on the sidelines, Shiv Sena, via his spokesman Saamana, criticized the prime minister. Stressing that the prime minister has let his guard down against COVID-19, Saamana said it was irresponsible of the prime minister to interact with other world leaders without a mask. Prime Minister Modi attended the G-20 summit in Rome and is now attending the COP-26 summit in Glasgow.

Shiv Sena: “Modi has let his guard down”

Focusing on the picturesque photoshoot of world leaders throwing coins into Rome’s iconic Trevi Fountain, Sena wondered what Prime Minister Modi had wished for. He added that because the Trevi Fountain was supposed to grant wishes, many blindly threw coins there in search of their hearts’ desire. Comparing this blind faith to the recent 100 crore celebration of COVID hits, Sena claimed Prime Minister Modi might have wished for a COVID-free India, as most of the nation is now celebrating.

PM Modi G-20 and COP-26 summit

During his two-day visit to Italy, Prime Minister Modi addressed the session on the global economy and global health, where he highlighted the importance of India’s recent achievement of crossing 1 billion jabs – making 1 / 6th of humanity immune to COVID-19. Urging the WHO to recognize Indian vaccines at the earliest, he pledged India will produce 5 billion doses for the world next year. He also backed the 15% corporate tax backed by most G-20 leaders, aimed at implementing the rules in 2023. Prime Minister Modi also had bilateral talks with Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, President of the European Union Ursula Von Der Leyen, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and German. Chancellor Angela Merkel. He also held an hour-long meeting with Pope Francis and issued an invitation to visit India – which he (the Pope) accepted.

He later attended the G20 summit at which the G20 countries which together emit nearly 80% of carbon emissions formally agreed to keep global warming 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. . India has also secured a commitment from G20 members to improve the livelihoods of small and marginal farmers. Prime Minister Modi has been seen holding cordial meetings, exchanging hugs with leaders like US President Joe Bide, French President Emmanuel Macron, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

In Glasgow, where Prime Minister Modi attended the COP-26 summit, he presented India’s five-point “amrit tatva” on climate change, calling the pledge “panchamrit”. Setting a deadline of 2030, the pledges include: meeting 50% of energy demand through renewable energies, 500 GW of non-fossil fuel capacity, reduction in carbon emissions by 1 billion tonnes, reduction 45% carbon intensity and net zero carbon emissions by 2070. PM Modi is expected to return to Delhi tonight.