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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 5 Recap: Monsters And Men

In Star wars: The bad lot Episode 5, “Rampage,” Clone Force 99 finds itself in dire straits and it’s up to Omega to save them. Easier said than done when there’s a monster on your tail.

Star wars fans enjoyed the flashbacks on this Disney Plus show, and there’s a lot of it in this episode. From the venue to a very familiar creature, fans will find themselves excited to point out Easter eggs.

After their encounter with a bounty hunter in the previous episode, Clone Force 99 wants to know who is chasing them. More importantly, who hired the bounty hunter in the first place? At this point there are a few suitors.

But before looking for answers, the team must equip their new member, Omega, with a communication device. He belonged to the former fifth member of the team, Crosshair, but since his defection to the Empire, Omega has joined him. And now she can stay in touch with the team. Since Omega has a habit of going astray, this is a wise move.

Star Wars: The Bad Lot Episode 5 – The Informer

Star Wars: The Bad Batch – “Rampage”

While Omega is enjoying his new gadget – and who wouldn’t – Clone Force 99 heads to Ord Mantell. Yes, Star wars Fans, this Ord Mantell, appointed by Han Solo himself in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Why is the team going to Ord Mantell in Star Wars: The Bad Lot Episode 5? Because Echo knows an informant there, Cid, who was helping the Jedi. The problem is, Echo has never met Cid and has no idea what the Informant looks like.

In a shady underground bar, the team asks the closest person where Cid is. Of course, that answer is not forthcoming. As the clones discuss the next steps, Omega identifies the same person as Cid.

Cid (Rhea Perlman) didn’t want to reveal his identity immediately, but the Bad Batch was a bit too quick to give up. They are clearly not used to operating outside of a war.

Information is always a premium in this galaxy. Details on the bounty hunter will come at a price. Cid asks the team to find Muchi, a child taken away by the Zygerrian slave traders. She will split the profits 70-30. It doesn’t sound very fair, but all money is helping right now.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans will remember the Zygerrians. They had kidnapped Anakin Skywalker not too long ago – the Zygerrian queen had taken a liking to him. If the slave trade had survived under the Republic, it prospered positively under the Empire.

Clone Force 99 can’t wait to save Muchi and any other slaves who may have been kidnapped. Omega learns a very hard lesson about the outside world. But his enthusiasm for doing good is contagious.

Unfortunately, Hunter does not allow Omega to join the mission to save Muchi. Omega is brought back to the ship. Not for a long time!

Star Wars: The Bad Lot Episode 5 – The Captive

Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode 5 recap

Star Wars: The Bad Batch – “Rampage”

Clone Force 99 has a great plan to save Muchi in Star Wars: The Bad Lot Episode 5. He derailed in seconds.

Although the team took the slavers into account, they are unfamiliar with the brezak, the loyal flying reptile of the Zygerrians. The brezak rounds off the Bad Batch and they’re captured in no time.

The Zygerrians then search the squad’s ship, but Omega manages to escape in time. She finds the team and something else. The Zygerrians have a massive cage with a very angry creature inside. It would be a shame if someone unlocked this cage.

The inhabitant of the cage is a very angry teenage Rancor, who provides enough distraction for the team to escape their bonds and free the remaining captives, including Muchi. Except that Muchi is not one of the humanoid captives. Muchi is angry grudge!

This complicates matters. The team has yet to catch the grudge and bring it back to Cid. Fortunately, Muchi does a short job on the brezak, leaving Hunter to take Zygerrian’s lead.

When it comes to subduing Muchi, Wrecker fights her until Muchi gives up his alpha position. It is taking him longer than usual – is it because of the frequent headaches he experiences?

With Muchi safe, Cid happily hands the grudge to Bib Fortuna, the Twi’lek right-hand man for Jabba the Hutt. Is it the grudge that almost ate Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi? Apparently it’s not, but Jabba probably held some grudges in his palace.

This first mercenary mission did not go as planned, but the team ultimately won. And now they have learned that the bounty hunter chasing them is Fennec Shand, a promising hotshot who has obviously been hired by someone powerful.

Cid knows something is going on if Fennec is after the team. She won’t say it, but she does give the team the ability to continue being mercenaries. This isn’t the life they signed up for, but what else will the Bad Batch do when they’re wanted by the Empire? We see a new career in sight for this batch.

Final thoughts – Star Wars: The Bad Lot Episode 5 is pure adrenaline

Star Wars: The Bad Lot Episode 5 was a lot of fun. I loved the action. There was so much going on – chases, hand-to-hand combat, creatures fighting, and a lot of humor.

Omega has already become my favorite character on the show. She is innocent but not naive; she is constantly learning and adapting. And she has a huge heart, which is wonderful. Omega reminds me a bit of Ahsoka in the early seasons of The clone warsexcept with a ton of wide-eyed curiosity.

It looks like Bad lot has finally hit his stride and knows where he is going now. Until now, it was all about the setup – the dawn of the Empire and the end of the clones. With that background out of the way, we can see Clone Force 99 thrive in their new situation.

What did you think of Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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