Trade Wars

Stefon Diggs goes viral with Star Wars Tweet

It could be the best exchange in the history of the sport in Buffalo; Bills traded for Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs in March 2020.

While this trade competes with the Sabers trade against Dominik Hasek, Diggs’ impact on the Bills has been nothing short of monumental. He led the NFL in catches and receiving yards in 2020 and in 2021 he’s on track for 100 catches and over 1,200 receiving yards.

Diggs and quarterback Josh Allen are Buffalo’s best duo right now, but as great as Diggs is on the court, he’s an even better person off the court and a super fun follow on social media.

If you don’t follow Stefon on Twitter, better because it’s one of the most entertaining things you can do.

Diggs was there again on Wednesday night, talking about Star Wars. More precisely, he confused Star Wars and Star Trek …

Diggs admitted he didn’t have enough time to watch either because of how long they can get.

Diggs’ tweets come the day the new Disney + show The Book of Boba Fett debuted, which features a story about the popular Star Wars character.

Personally, I love Star Wars, but I never got into Star Trek. You can ask my dad about Star Trek, since he’s the expert on this show.

Maybe years ago it was considered a bad thing if you liked geeky or nerdy things, but now it’s absolutely cool to like stuff like Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, Pokemon. and so many other things of this ilk.

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