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Surety companies face prosecution after Springfield murder-suicide

On Halloween 2018, a real nightmare unfolded on Elm Street in Springfield.

Torie Parrow, 32, stopped by her home in the 1900 block of West Elm Street to pick up her son’s costume. She left the boy in the car as she ran inside to grab her jester outfit.

Inside, however, was Parrow’s husband Melvin – who was on the loose after assaulting her a week before. He had removed his ankle monitor.

Melvin Parrow shot Torie Parrow down before taking his own life. Torie Parrow’s 8-year-old son was left sitting in the car outside. His call to 911 subsequently alerted law enforcement to the death.

Now this boy – through his father – is suing the surety companies tasked with monitoring Melvin Parrow for failing to protect his mother.

The lawsuit, which was filed in October in Greene County, claims that A-Advanced Bail Bonds, Michael Nivens Bail Bonds, First Track GPS and their owners were negligent and that Torie Parrow died due to the “direct result and immediate ”of their actions.

According to the lawsuit, Torie Parrow and / or her family members contacted Michael Nivens Bail Bonds after the company released Melvin Parrow’s $ 50,000 bond in late October 2018 to let them know Torie Parrow was terrified of her husband , but the surety company did not. take extra precautions.

Further, the lawsuit alleges that the defendants failed to notify law enforcement when Melvin Parrow tampered with or removed his GPS monitor.

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Kent Hyde – a Springfield attorney who represents First Track GPS, A-Advanced Bail Bonds and the owners of the business – said his clients informed the Greene County District Attorney’s office when they learned Melvin Parrow had tampered with his GPS monitoring device.

Hyde said he was not sure whether this notification took place before or after the murder-suicide.

Hyde said that despite the tragic outcome of this case, his clients performed the duties they were required to do.

“We believe the tracking company, First Track, has done the job assigned to it,” Hyde said.

Hyde has filed motions requesting the dismissal of the claims against its customers. The other defendants in this case have no lawyers on the list.