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Sylvan Park Wok Punk Opening with Pimento Cheese Filled Crab Rangoon and Heartwarming Noodle Bowls

The highly anticipated Izakaya-inspired Punk Wok opens on Tuesday, December 14 at Sylvan Supply in Sylvan Park, with plenty of meat skewers and Japanese whiskey. Located at 4101 Charlotte Ave suite G-20, Punk Wok is Clay Silo’s next exciting project, and a much-needed silver liner after his last Silo restaurant was destroyed in the March 2020 tornado that swept through Germantown.

Executive Chef Grant Smith, who previously cooked at The Silo and Green Pheasant, focuses on a mix of Japanese and Chinese fare in the new, casual restaurant. The menu begins with cold entrees ranging from Japanese potato salad and a bowl of poke to cucumber and seaweed salads. Next are the hot dishes, including a katsu sando, a shot of spicy Thai lobster, karaage, and a crab rangoon filled with chili cheese. The page ends with wok-cooked treats for carnivores like Bangkok chicken, beef chow mein, and char siu pork fried rice. For vegetarians, there’s also ginger and scallion tofu and kimchi fried rice. The chef also says they will be offering sushi.

Beef Bulgogi and Kimchi Waffle Fries with Yazoo Dos Perros Beer Cheese (beer will change).
Wok punk

Two golden puff pastry on a green square miny plate.

Jai li jiao: chicken curry and potato sprouts, served with a duck sauce for dipping.
Wok punk

Kimchi, pickles and fermented radishes.
Wok punk

Char siu pork belly with layered white kimchi on a platter, close-up.

Char siu pork belly with white kimchi
Wok punk

a close-up green bowl filled with noodles topped with green garnish and sesame seeds.

Beer noodles made from bearded iris grains.
Wok punk