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Tajikistan Offers Malaysian Logistics, Trade Hub in Free Zones | Daily Express Online

Tajikistan Offers Malaysian Logistics, Trade Hub in Free Zones

Published on: Saturday March 12, 2022

By: Bernama

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Ambassador of Tajikistan to Malaysia Ardasher Qodiri (Credit: Embassy of Tajikistan to Malaysia) / Bernama

Kuala Lumpur: The Central Asian Republic of Tajikistan has proposed that Malaysian businessmen use the country’s Free Economic Zones (FEZ) to establish a Malaysian logistics and trade center to distribute their products and goods in Tajikistan and other countries. neighbors. in Malaysia Ardasher Qodiri said that among the Malaysian products that could be distributed are palm oil, electrical and electronic products and furniture which are currently exported to Tajikistan from Malaysia. Tajikistan, a former Soviet republic, has a population of around 9.5 million and borders Afghanistan to the south, China to the east, Kyrgyzstan to the north and Uzbekistan to the west.

Qodiri said that apart from neighboring countries, such a logistics and trade center could also be used to distribute Malaysian products to countries like Russia, Pakistan, Iran and Turkmenistan. “We are ready to help Malaysian companies interested in establishing logistics and trade centers in our free zones. We even proposed that it could even be called Malaysia’s logistics and trade center for Central Asia”. “By establishing and using this logistics and trade hub, Malaysia can increase its exports to Tajikistan and its neighboring countries,” he told Bernama in an interview on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the country. Tajikistan and Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur and Dushanbe established diplomatic relations on March 11, 1992. Tajikistan has an embassy there, while the Malaysian Embassy in Uzbekistan is also accredited to Tajikistan. Qodiri, who is also accredited in Indonesia and Thailand, explained that Tajikistan’s free zones demonstrate the government’s support for private companies, both local and international. He stressed that the establishment of free zones is in line with the country’s industrial policy aimed at creating a more favorable business and investment climate in Tajikistan.


There are currently five free zones in Tajikistan – “Sughd”, “Panj”, “Dangara”, “Ishkashim” and “Kulob”. According to the Tajikistan Free Zone website, in addition to an advantageous geographical location, tax and customs privileges granted to free zone entities are also an attractive investment factor. The FEZ website mentioned that the volume of direct investment in the country’s free economic zones in 2020 reached 43.3 million somoni (about $4 million). In 2020, 72 domestic and foreign companies were registered as subjects of these free economic zones. The ambassador said that Malaysian businessmen can also use the proposed logistics and trade center to export products from Tajikistan to Malaysia such as cotton, dried nuts, dried fruits as well as fresh fruits, in addition other products from this region. Qodiri pointed out that the volume of trade between Tajikistan and Malaysia is very low, and opening a logistics and trade center can help increase bilateral trade. Qodiri attributed the low volume of exchanges to the lack of knowledge and awareness on both sides as well as the distance between the two countries. He said that in November last year, Tajikistan took part in an international exhibition here, where the country offered visitors to taste among other things their local nuts such as walnuts, pistachios and raisins as well as some natural honey and dried fruits.


“People in Tajikistan know Malaysia from our students here. We should have more exhibitions and exchanges of cultural groups,” he said. Qodiri said it should be noted that apart from Tajik students studying here, there are also Tajik citizens working in Malaysia as lecturers, teachers and in other fields, who can play a role in the strengthening of bilateral cooperation. “There are also hundreds of talented young Tajiks who have studied and are currently studying in Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries who could work for Malaysian companies in Tajikistan,” the ambassador said.
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