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The coasts of Chabahar and Konarak planned for the development of tourism

TEHRAN – Local authorities, in close collaboration with the private sector, have prepared a plan to strengthen tourist infrastructure on the coasts of Chabahar and Konarak in the province of Sistan-Balochistan.

“Private investors will be supported in their tourism-related projects by the province’s department of culture, tourism and crafts, including the establishment of tourist complexes as well as accommodation centers,” said Saturday the CHTN quoting the head of tourism of the province, Alireza Jalalzai.

Investors have also pledged to operate the projects within a year, the official added.

Chabahar is Iran’s only seaport and Central Asian countries’ best and easiest access route to open water. Boasting various natural and historical attractions, Chabahar could be named one of Iran’s most underrated destinations. However, in recent years various measures have been taken to promote the port as a safe and hospitable choice for domestic and foreign visitors.

In 2019, the High Council of Free Trade Areas announced that it was ready to start construction of a new airport inside the Chabahar Free Trade Area. Currently, air travelers to Chabahar must use Konarak City Airport.

Currently, there are about twenty tourist resorts in Chabahar, including four hotels and ecolodges. The collective province – Sistan to the north and Balochestan to the south – represents one of the driest regions in Iran with a slight increase in rainfall from east to west and a noticeable increase in humidity in the coastal regions. In ancient times, the area was a crossword of the Indus Valley and Babylonian civilizations.

The vast province is home to several distinctive archaeological sites and natural attractions, including two UNESCO World Heritage sites, namely Shahr-e-Soukhteh (Burnt City) and the Lut Desert.