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The G-20 reflects India’s concern for the welfare of farmers and agro-diversity: Foreign Minister S Jaishankar: The Tribune India


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G-20 foreign ministers adopted the “Matera Declaration”, which calls on the global community to step up efforts to contain the effects of the pandemic on lives and livelihoods, to build food chains inclusive and resilient and ensure adequate nutrition for all.

Meeting for the first time in the form of a “Joint Meeting of Foreign Affairs and Development Ministers” after the At the meeting of G-20 foreign ministers in Italy, the declaration was in line with the UN’s “zero hunger” target set for 2030.

S Jaishankar, EAM

Livelihoods, health should be the priority

Appreciate Italy for emphasizing food safety. The “Matera Declaration” reflects India’s concern for the well-being of small and medium-sized farmers, the promotion of local food crops and the recognition of agro-diversity. Livelihoods, health, digital access and climate action should now be new priorities.

G-20 ministers recognized that poverty reduction, food security and sustainable food systems are key to ending hunger, fostering social cohesion and community development. They also called for the implementation of effective actions for the empowerment of women and youth in the rural-urban continuum.

They focused on strengthening social protection measures and programs, with an emphasis on people living in vulnerable situations, many of whom depend on the agriculture and food sector for their livelihoods. Ministers called for keeping international food trade open. Foreign Minister S Jaishankar praised Italy for emphasizing food security and said the “Matera Declaration” reflected Indian concern on issues including the well-being of young and old. medium-sized farmers and the recognition of agro-diversity.