Trade Wars

They Made A 3D IRL Chess Set From “Star Wars” With NBA Players

We did it as a gang. We made it to the future. No, there are no stupid flying cars or stupid universal health care, there is something much, much better: Star Wars 3D chess. But with basketball players. The mad geniuses at Sequoia Games have patented their gameplay and use “Flexagon” technology to create a collectible card game that comes to life right before your eyes. It’s called Flex NBA.

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It could be you or if you don’t have any friends you can play online.

Instead of cardboard cards, you have Flexagons, hexagonal shaped pieces each representing an NBA player. You place your team on a basketball board that comes with the set you buy, then players use their abilities and special attacks to go after not each other’s health, but “trust points.” of their opponent. Using your phone, you can view the board and AR brings the tiles to life. Match two of the tiles and players from the same real team will interact with each other in friendly, helping hands and even racing games. Rivals will act less friendly, throwing thumbs down when they see each other. The sets are available online and in limited stores in California…for now. They plan to be in many major retailers soon and expand into other sports as well.

redwood games

You know you want this.