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Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno expects 1.5 million international tourists to visit Bali due to G20 summit boost

With world leaders from the G20 countries expected to travel to Bali in November for the intergovernmental forum summit, Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno said he was looking forward to an extra boost for Bali Tourism through the upcoming event.

Speaking to reporters in Nusa Dua on Tuesday, Sandiaga said the G20 summit would trigger an increase in the number of international travelers to Bali, as well as Indonesia as a whole.

“For Bali [we expect] 1.5 million [foreign visitors sparked by the G20 Summit]. As for the national scale, [we target a total of] 3.6 million [international travelers] until the end of the year,” he said. said.

In June 2022, 330,000 foreigners came to Bali for leisure this year, Sandiaga said, adding that the number is up five times from 2021. The highly anticipated G20 summit – which will end Indonesia’s first-ever presidency from the forum – should spur interest from sun-seekers around the world to come and see Bali in all its glory.

Sandiaga said that in order to increase the influx of tourists to Bali, he has been in contact with international airlines to convince them to add more flights to the island.

Currently, 72 nationalities are eligible for visas on arrival (VOA), and the list should be expanded periodically. The number of airlines serving Bali internationally has also increased this year, the latest being Air Batik and pristine air.