Trade Wars

Victoria 3 will reflect the astronomical costs of war

Victoria 3’s latest War Dev Diary is now live, and it highlights the great game’s new take on international conflict strategy posts series with a look at the costs of war. Turns out there are a lot of them, and they’re substantial – in fact, according to this diary, it looks like Victoria 3 will take war more seriously than any of her predecessors.

One of the pillars of the conception of war in Victoria 3 is that war is expensive. The developers have taken this seriously, it seems: Victoria 3 models the concept of all-out war by making it a fundamental change for your country’s economy. War places new demands on your people, your industrial base, and your trading network – there is nothing that doesn’t impact in the game.

Your army model will determine how much of this works. So far, four of them are planned for Victoria 3, ranging from the old peasant levy model to the standing regular army of trained professional soldiers. Depending on the nation you are leading and the circumstances you find yourself in, any of these may be the right fit.

The newspaper guides us through the process of mobilizing conscripts according to the models of mass conscription and peasant levies. Conscription can only take place in times of war, or while your nation is actively involved in a diplomatic play. You will be able to activate conscripts in all or part of your states, where they will organize in a newly constructed conscription center before forming battalions and heading to a front where they are needed.

But these conscripts don’t come from nowhere – they are your citizens, and enlisting them in military service removes them from any work they were doing before the war began. This means that your industries will suffer from short-term labor shortages and will have to replace lost workers.

It can also mean that the factories you rely on to supply your armies do not have enough manpower to produce the goods these units will need. Additionally, the movement of troops to the front line is limited by the infrastructure available in the states they must pass through to get there. All of this means that you will need to seriously think about which states you will enlist in and how many battalions you want to raise.

Another important factor to consider is the fact that conscript battalions, when mobilized, use twice the normal amount of resources. This makes them expensive to put into service, of course, but it also increases the demand for all the products they use, which drives up prices further. This in turn prompts your neighbors to start selling you weapons, as their prices will be drastically inflated in times of war.

The diary also includes visuals of work in progress on how the war will change the landscape itself. Areas that see a lot of battles will end up being devastated, and you will be able to see this on the map itself when you zoom in.

Fortunately, wars don’t have to go on forever, and Paradox says the next Dev Diaries will discuss how peace deals are made. The release date of Victoria 3 is slated for next year.

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