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What You May Not Know About Planet Kenari

There remains much mystery in the galaxy far, far away, as many star wars planets remain unexplored and unexplained. Andor is the new series that recently had a three-episode premiere on Disney Plus and is set before the 1977 original. star wars. The series hopes to answer many questions about Cassian Andor’s life before A thug.

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One of the questions raised in Andor is that of Cassian’s childhood and his home planet. Throughout all three episodes, audiences are given flashbacks to the planet Kenari, Cassian’s homeworld, and how he came to be the man he is today. However, there are many unknowns about Kenari, just waiting to be discovered.


7/7 Invaders of the “Republic”

Cassian’s character has long been known to have fought alongside the Separatists during the Clone Wars. When audiences take a look at the planet Kenari, they might wonder what the planet’s timeline is, but since Cassian is a child, it’s set during the final year of the Clone Wars, if not soon after. Revenge of the Sith.

On a crashed ship, the Kenari tribe discovers seals unknown to them, but to the public, it is the symbol of the Separatist Alliance, an enemy of the Galactic Republic. However, Maarva explains that they are “Republic”, so either they were spies out to explore the strange planet, or something darker.

6/7 Lack of technology

Many planets seen in the star wars the universe has a certain reliance on technology, especially when humanoid characters are involved. However, Kenari seems to lack any sense of technology, and even some perks like mirrors.

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When Cassian braves the unknown and enters the invaders’ ship, he looks at his reflection in the mirror and seems intrigued by his appearance. Clearly the Kenari have not understood mirrors and rely on more primitive weapons like darts.

5/7 They don’t talk basic

When audiences follow the Kenari’s story, they may be confused by what the characters are saying. This is due to the fact that they speak Kenari, without using subtitles to translate exactly what they are saying. The public is kept in the dark, as are Maarva, Clem and B2-EMO, as they cannot translate it due to unfamiliarity with its language.

The simplest form of language star wars The universe is known as Basic and is the language many species speak due to its simplicity. With a young Cassian not knowing Basic, it shows just how limited and hidden this planet is from the galaxy.

4/7 It’s a wooded world

Away from Tatooine, Kenari lacks the dune seas and deserts that make Tatooine so awful. Kenari is a mature, vegetative planet, thriving with strong greens and large forests. It’s a beautiful planet, like a gigantic rainforest that has yet to be plundered by greed.

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Kenari’s appearance can be confused with the forest moon of Endor, as both planets have large forests and societies unfamiliar with outer life. All of Kenari may be home to yet unknown creatures.

3/7 The territory of the middle bank

It is stated that Kenari is located in the Mid Rim territory, which is a location in the galaxy between the Expansion Region and the Outer Rim. There are fewer natural resources in the Mid Rim and a much denser population. This helps explain the lack of invaders on Kenari, and why no one has heard of the planet.

The Mid Rim was relatively unexplored and ripe for hiding pirates to attack trade routes. Maybe the ship that crashed in the first three episodes was attacked by pirates, and they crash-landed on the unknown forest planet.

2/7 Imperial mining accident

When the audience returns to BBY 5, to follow the continuing story of an adult Cassian, they are told that Kenari is outlawed, due to an Imperial mining accident. This accident left the planet under surveillance, and to ensure that no curious wanderers ventured onto the planet, perhaps to uncover Imperial secrets.

This isn’t the first time the Empire has used a “mining accident” as a cover-up. Darth Vader asked Director Krennic to cover up the Death Star’s destruction of Jedha as a “mining disaster”. Kenari may have been the first planet tested on the Death Star destruction.

1/7 Lack of adults

A strange aspect of Kenari is the fact that when the audience is introduced to Cassian’s tribe, they are all children. This begs the question of what happened to all adults, i.e., do adults even exist on this planet. There are still many unknowns about the culture surrounding the Kenari people, and the lack of adults is one of the most notable.

There could be many factors to explain where the adults are. Perhaps the children have been made thugs in their tribe, or the adults have been taken and robbed by covert Separatist forces to fight for them against Jedi and clone troopers.

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