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Who goes up/down after Rodgers news, Wilson?

Mariota has earned little buzz despite coming to the open market as a 28-year-old dual-threat quarterback who went 34-29 as a starter between 2016 and 2018. Instead, the hype of the redemption arc slid to…Mitchell Trubisky?

There are plenty of reasons not to trust Mariota, a quarterback who couldn’t thrive in a system that made Ryan Tannehill the most effective quarterback in the league. The fact that he can’t even generate “Mike Glennon in 2017” level buzz in the middle of this discussion, however, seems odd. Oregon fans want him in Seattle, but a QB guard doesn’t quite fit the idea of ​​rebuilding the Seahawks.

Instead, he may be stuck waiting for other teams to make moves before one team looks at him, shrugs, and says “sure, he’ll do” after crossing out some of the names. hottest in free agency this spring.